Johnny's Birthday
by  Paula R

The morning of December 23 was bright and cool,
And Johnny stood there feeling like a fool.
It hadn't been long since they had fought Day Pardee
And Johnny had discovered that he had a caring family.

Now at the table they stood while they made him sit
And a cake was brought out with candles lit.
He was told to make a wish and blow out the candles' flames
Then there would be presents, each bearing his name.

He'd never celebrated his birthday in the border towns as a boy.
He had never received birthday presents, cake, or even a toy.
Just what was it that he should now wish for?
He had a family and good friends, who could want more?

Then he remembered something he'd wanted for so long,
To thank his father for asking him to come home.
When the candles were blown out and presents undone,
Johnny thanked them all, acknowledging each one.

When he got to Murdoch, his eyes shone with tears
The emotions of this time were one of his worst fears;
Telling his father that he was happy to be home
And that he was glad that he had decided to come.

But at the moment when they stood together, father and son,
Johnny was frustrated to find the words just wouldn't come.
He shook Murdoch's hand and all that he could say
Was, "Thanks, Murdoch, for the wonderful birthday."

Happy birthday to my favorite Lancer character and actor.



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