Winter Challenge:  His Touch
Paula R

Disclaimer:  The usual – they aren’t mine, just borrowing them.  I would like to own one particular one, though.

This is a triple drabble.  Hope this warms you. 


She came, looking her best.  She knew she would be noticed—breeding tells! 

She saw him standing off to one side and knew there was something special about him.  It seemed he stood apart from everyone and not just in the physical aspect.  She realized he was looking her way and she lifted her chin haughtily.  She decided to ignore him.  Before she realized it, he was standing close to her.

‘How dare he!’ she thought.  ‘Such insolence, approaching me so boldly!’

He was talking to her she realized.  Talking in such a soft, gentle voice.

‘My God how wonderful his voice is!’

She turned to face him and found herself looking into his eyes.  His eyes were so beautiful, so soulful, the color of the water near her ocean side home.  She could gaze into those eyes forever!

He drew closer still.  Though she felt that he was crowding her, she was so intrigued by him, she would not risk having him walk away by acting upset.

He reached out to her.  His long supple fingers were so gentle as he softly stroked her cheek.  She felt a shiver course through her body.  He still murmured softly as he stroked her cheek.  His words were foreign to her, but his voice was so quiet, so hypnotic, that it did not matter.  His fingertips made their way down her cheek again and followed the contours of her face to her neck.  As he softly brushed those fingertips down her neck, she felt her entire body tremble.  God, the effect he was having on her!

Then the other man spoke, breaking the spell.  “We have other places to go, Johnny.  Let’s go.”

“Alright, Murdoch, but when we come back, that palomino filly is mine!”



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