A Happy Valentine's Day Affair
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


This story is written just for fun I make no money off of it.

A little Scott but my Hero is Johnny.

All mistakes are mine. No beta.


He was standing at the side of the building watching the 15 year old girl cry.

“Jenny! What's a matter with you sweetheart?” Johnny asked.

“Oh! Johnny! I came here with Jason Wagner and he told me to find my own way home. He's leaving me here to be with Wanda Gillium.” Jenny reply’s.

“Why sweetheart is he doing this?” Johnny again ask.

“It's because I won't let him do things to me that is not right. He told me he's been with Wanda lots of times and she let's him do what he wants.” Jenny reply’s again.

“I tell you what Jenny. Give me a few minutes and we'll both take care of Jason. I have a plan that will put him in his place. You see I've been with Wanda and she is not the kind of girl Jason said she is. I think he's playing games. Let's see how this will play out in the end. This is a Valentines Day dance and Mr. Jason will be embarrassed.” Johnny then smiles at Jenny.

“Scott! Come here I have something to tell you.” Johnny tells Scott what is happening with Jenny.

“That's a good plan Johnny. Jason is to arrogant for his own good.” Scott says.

Johnny goes outside to get Jenny and Scott goes to get Wanda. They tell the girls their plans as each girl goes and gets all of the other single girls at the dance.

All of the girls start giggling. As they all talk and found out that Jason had come on to all of them telling them that other girls gave into him.

“Wanda is the first to go to Jason. Jason I believe this is our dance. I requested a special song for you.”

Jason thinking he has hit the prize. Takes Wanda to the dance floor. He doesn't realize that there is no other men on the floor except for Johnny and Scott.

“Wanda what's going on.” Jason asked.

“I am!” Scott and Johnny say at the same time.

As all of the girls circle around Jason.

The parents wonder what's going on, so they go to the crowd and start asking questions.

Each daughter told their parents, what Jason tried to pull.

Jason looks at Johnny and Scott. “What's going on guys?” He asked.

Johnny looks at Jason and tells him. “I found out what you did to Jenny and then Scott told Wanda what you said. We took all the single girls aside and asked them if this had happened to them.

You see Jason. I don't like playing games with little girls hearts. You were playing a game and leaving your date stranded, while you planned to work on another one. To me Jason this makes you trash and trash needs to be thrown away. All of these girls have spoiled your plans, by letting their parents know what you were saying. My advice to you is to leave before the parents get a hold of you.” Johnny angrily says.

Jason looks around the dance room and see's that a lot of parents looking mad. As a matter of fact he see's his own parents walking towards him, after they were talking to Scott Lancer.

“Johnny you're a man you know how it is. I'm sure you get some yourself from these girls.” Jason says.

Johnny grabs Jason by the throat. “I tell you what Jason. I have respect for good girls. If I want a bad girl I'll go to a saloon. I do not play with the hearts of girls. Especially 15 and 16 year old’s.” He gives Jason a shove.  “If I was you I would leave now, before I loose my patience and knock you out.”

Jason takes off. Knowing he can't win with Johnny or anyone else at the dance.

Before he makes it to the door everyone starts clapping and whooping it up.

“Is that tears I see in Jason’s eyes.” Scott asked Johnny.

“Yea Scott I think he won't be having dates for a long time.” Johnny laughs.

Johnny turns around to see all of the girls coming to him hugging him. These teenage girls have one great guy to have a crush on.

“ Hey guys let's get these girls to dance.” Johnny grabs Jenny and Scott grabs Wanda to dance with.

The rest of the dance was A Happy Valentines Day Affair.







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