Pondering Lancer Family Thanksgiving
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


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It's the night before Thanksgiving as the family is setting around the big rooms fireplace, it's just a quiet evening.

Murdoch and Scott are reading, while Teresa has sewing going on, Johnny is just thinking. As the whole families attitude is just the same as most evenings.

Little does anyone know the thoughts Johnny is having about a holiday he doesn't understand.


'Thanksgiving it's meaning a holiday for giving thanks,' as Johnny is contemplating it's true meaning.

'In the past I didn't have much to give thanks for. Yes I give thanks for my mother but not her lies or the life she had given me. I give thanks because she was my mother and I so loved her Dearly.'


Johnny shifts to lay down on the rug he has found so comfortable on evenings like this in front of the fireplace. The warmth he so loves glowing out in such a calming effect that just brings a glowing peace in Johnny's heart.


'Thankgiving something I never though I would come to enjoy as a family. This family I have come to love.

A father whom I thought had hated me because I was half Mexican, then I found out my life was just a lie. He loves me, He loves me unconditionally even though I am a Pistolero, a killer for hire, well at least I use to be. Anyway my father still loves me, all six foot five inches of him. Man did I ever get a surprise when I first met him, height and all, Big man Big Wow Big.'


Johnny turns his head a looks at Murdoch with a loving affection.

He ponders once again as he looks at his brother.


' Brother a person I never thought I would ever have, wow I thought I was an only child, now I have this kinda tall brother, blond to top it off. We don't favor in any way, I guess that's because of the difference in our mothers. Unbelievable to even think he was such a dandy. His fist proved me wrong, boy can Scott deliver a strong punch.

My brother I should just call him my defender, protector, one who keeps my back. Oh how many times has he defended me when Murdoch would lash out at me, just because he wanted me to shape up, Me ol stubborn me how I loved to get back at the ol man. Never seemed to work out until Big Brother stepped in, then the ol man just seemed to back off.

Yea! I am glad I have a big brother it makes my life so much better now.'


Johnny shifts again to look at Teresa


“ Sister she may be Murdoch's ward but she is just like a sister, more so I would think.

She repairs my cloths, like she's doing now with my favorite red shirt, even thought she thinks it's not worth it, she does it for me because she loves me like a sister would.

She always brings a smile even on my darkest days, she's so full of joy that it's just contagious. If she was made of bubbles she would just bubble all over the place, just spreading her happiness all over. I can't get enough of her happy moods even when I am so mad I want to punch some one. Here she comes all smiles and bubbles just spreading all over again. Even when I am bad, or mad arguing mad she just sees the best in me and brings the best out in me.


Yes Teresa and Scott the two who take me as I am.

Thanksgiving I guess I do see it's meaning, to be thankful of all I've got.

A home, an ol man, Murdoch or should I say Father,Popi,Papa, a brother and a sister.


Maria who is a great cook and like a second mother, Yea with that wooden spoon I guess a second mother would fit her well, she uses it enough on me. I just hug her she is my adorable mamacita.


Then there's Jelly, he's just a friend, kinda like a grandfather friend. He's another who never judged my past just loves me for who I am.


Yea I think I am thankful I have my new life with my new family.

I guess tomorrow I will spend it in the comforts of my home and family.


Yes I will give thanks for what God has given me, even though I don't deserve it. He has granted me with this home and the Love that a family gives.'

“Yes I give thanks for all of you, you make me feel like I belong," ' yea i give my family Thanks.'


“What is it you said son?” Murdoch ask.


“ Oh nothing I was thinking out loud.” Johnny reply’s.


“ Oh!” Murdoch says.


Then to Johnny's surprise, Murdoch, Scott and Teresa say at the same time.

“ We give thanks for having you here with us too Johnny we love you.”


Johnny lays back down and says “I love you too.”


Johnny lays down into a peacefull sleep filled in warmth and love, and thinks to himself

I sure am going to have a Happy Thanksgiving with everyone.'


The End






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