A Nagging Dream
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton

I do not own any rights to Scott or Johnny I just want to Share them as always no money made.


Nag Nag Nag,

You would think I married you just to nag at me.

Where did I go wrong, lying in this bed with the most beautiful woman.

I guess, the truth does come out “beauty is only skin deep.”

I sure didn't see beyond yours.  


Now I'm stuck, Me Johnny Madrid Lancer Married,

Just because I looked at the beauty of what, I thought, was a good woman.

You are the meanest woman I know. 


You hogtie me, lead me by the nose.

I bend over backwards to please you and what do you do, you smother me

with your I need you to be home.

You are not to see your brother, he married to get away from you.

So you stay home.

 I will not share you with anyone not even your father.

You belong to me.

 Scott belongs to her.

We will not share you guys, we made a pact to keep you to ourselves.

 Nag Nag Nag


Johnny and Scott wake up at the same time in the line shack.

Looking at each other.

They say at the same time “It's just a nightmare.”

We Never will Never date those Shady twins again.

Let's stick with the Lancer Groups Girls.

They are more fun and we will enjoy the messages and stories they have about us.

They may fight from time to time but they sure do love us.

Hey girls you can call on Johnny and Me any time we'll have fun together.

Yea Don't Forget to Holler, Scott and I will come a runnin for sure

Your right brother

I know Boston,

Yea don't forget Boston Those Lancer Group Girls are our Favorites

I say Amen to that Brother


The End






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