Her Luggage
by  Margaret Schmitz Compton


I do not own Johnny Madrid Lancer or any of the Lancer men so I must say that

I make no money this is just for enjoyment for Valentines Day


He rode into town tired and dusty. Taking  time to swipe the dust off of his long coat.

Looking around to see where the nearest saloon was.

He stopped and just starred as if in a daze.

He couldn't believe his eyes.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She had on a plain but stylish emerald green dress.

Her face the shape of an angel, with what looked like the darkest green eyes he had ever seen.

Dark auburn, was the color of her beautiful long and wavy hair.

She didn't even have it up or covered.  She just stood out with the beauty of it's color. 

And he just couldn't figure it out, she was staring so deep into his eyes.

He looks away as she comes towards him.

Hi my name is Cherese and I have just arrived in this town. I do not know anyone here.

Can you please help me, these two men have picked up my luggage.

They are trying to get me into the Saloon over there.

As you can tell I have no business in a place like that, and you are the first man that has even stopped to   look in my direction.

Well Cherese my name is Johnny Lancer and yes I will go over and get your luggage.

Are you staying at the hotel.  Why yes I am. Then I'll bring your luggage over to you there.

Please don't wait out side encase this trouble hits the street as sometimes it does.

Johnny walks Cherese to the hotel and turns to go to the  Saloon.

He stops at the swinging doors and glances in. There is only three men, the bar tender and two saloon gals.

He looks around to a table that has two men and three pieces of luggage setting on the floor.

Johnny walks up to the table and looks at the men.

They size him up as they notice his rig. One says what is it you want boy.

First off you don't call me boy, second off I'll take that luggage you took from the lady.

Well BOY!!! Let me tell you she ain't no lady and this is no concern of yours.

Oh! I beg to differ with you. You see the lady ask for my help, and I aim to help her.

And who do you think you are or even how is it that you think you can?

The other man small but a heavy smoker said Yea you think you are man enough to take two on boy.

Well I don't think it would be the first time and I know it won't be the last. Johnny says.

That's when the bar tender walked over and whispered in the tall mans ear.

Mister you don't know who your messing with and I would back off now.

And who is  this boy that thinks he can take me and my partner on?

Well if you should know, this is the only warning I am giving you.

The young man you insist on calling boy is none other than Johnny Madrid

Yea and I'm his mother you hear that Phil this boy thinks he's Johnny Madrid

Oh! does he Luis I guess we got us a dreamer as well as a ladies helper.

You guys are new in this area aren't you? Johnny ask.

What's it to you BOY!!!  Phil says.

Because that would be why you don't know who I am and you are calling the bar tender here a liar.

You see I am Johnny Madrid. Now you have your choice give me Cherese's luggage or we can handle it by the dance. It's your Choice  BOYS!!! Johnny says.

Just then the sheriff walks in. Hey Johnny got a problem here?

No Val it seems these guys have a decision to make. What is it boys?

Well sheriff this boy claims to be Johnny Madrid and wants us to give him this luggage, belonging to a lady.

Is he Johnny Madrid.

Well truth be said he is Johnny Lancer.

See Luis he's a wanna be Johnny Madrid.

But yous guys never let me finish, he use to go by the name of Madrid so's ifn yous want to take him on I'd think twice. Val says.

OK  Mr. Madrid you can have her luggage, since we ain't no gunslinger, we was just haven fun with the Lady.

Well Boys that's the smart move, hey Sam give them a drink on me will ya.

Sure enough Johnny.

Johnny picks up the luggage and heads to the hotel with Val walking besides him.

Hey Johnny what girl are they talking about. Val she's the prettiest girl I've ever seen.

Johnny walks into the hotel and takes the luggage to Cherese and says Here's your luggage mam.

She looks at him with a big smile. Thank you Johnny.

Now where do you want me to put it mam.

Please take it over to that man, over there, he's my Husband and thank you.

Now did you girls really think I would hook Johnny up when he has all of us.

We all have to be his Valentine.


The End






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