From Darkness Into Light

By Molly 


A shadow walked beside me

Waited patiently to call my name

Alone knew my regret and sorrow

Carried willingly my shame.


It looked on with grim acceptance

Ready to acknowledge the last sigh

Its arms outstretched to ferry

All who because of me would die.


My heart sought retribution

My tortured soul wept for peace

That weary heart growing ever colder

That lost soul begging for release.


Ahead lay perpetual darkness

The chill of eternal night

No hope of salvation

No saviour, no proverbial white knight


I sensed Death’s breath on my shoulder

Heard its voice rasp in my ear

Hell was finally ready to claim me

Its flames eager to scorch and sear.


An unearthly wail echoed around me 

The reaper mourning its loss

Fate’s might had spared me

A different river now to cross.


Guided through the wilderness

An invisible beacon drew me home

I found gold at the end of a rainbow

But still my restless spirit felt need to roam.


Wise words helped tame and soothe me

True hearts looked into mine

And so began the healing

A lost soul claimed and entwined


Dark days now just a memory

Hurts forgotten grief laid to rest

The future bright and promising

A life truly blessed.





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