Tanned Beauty
by  Mary M.


Standard disclaimer applies
Warnings:  Just a nekked Johnny


Johnny climbed from the tub, water sluicing down his body. He hated having to get dressed so quickly, but there was no other choice. It would not do to run around his father's ranch in the buff. His father's ranch. That was a hoot. Johnny still did not know if he would stay or not, that remained to be seen.

Only time would tell, but it seemed unlikely. There was too much baggage to work through, and he still did not trust the old man. Or his father's feelings for him. Shoving such thoughts aside, he dried and dressed.

How he wished to be back out on the trail. Johnny craved total privacy. He did not like constraints, such as having to think of others, instead of indulging in the luxury of climbing from a warm stream after bathing and laying in the sun, letting the golden rays of nature dry his tanned, sculpted body.  






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