What's In a Name
by  Margaret P


A selection of Verse - Four


Married for love my beautiful bride

Uprooted from her family - in childbirth she died

Ranching in those days no home for my lad

Denied by her father my right to be dad

Once more I was blessed with a wife and a son

Cruel fate it deprived me - away they did run

Hard though I sought them, they could not be found


Long years before

Agents see my sons homeward bound

Nervous of losing them all over again

Cautious and angry no boys but young men

Each one I am proud of though backgrounds of strife

Rare fortune befalls me. Together we start a new life. 



Sadness and longing as a motherless child

Cared for by grandfather like investments compiled

Opportunity for freedom through battle and war

Tempted by offer — father unknown before

Truly amazed


Lancer, land full of hope

A father, a brother – now life has some scope

Never imagined my future would feel this secure

Caring sister and friendship of which I am sure

Evermore shall I live here, my home to reside

Rightfully belonging — the Lancer name borne with pride. 



Jailbait in the making but at the height of my game

Out gun, out manoeuvre — It adds to my fame

Homeless I wander border towns all alone

Never trusting or loving someone of my own

Next job might be different and give me some power

Years of hardship behind me, in fear did I cower


Mayhem and killing is the life I now lead

Anger and hatred are feelings they feed

Death follows me daily and walks by my side

Real good at my trade and in that I take pride

I’d like to believe there’s a future somewhere

Destiny still ahead of me with people who care 



Journeying lightly — surprised to be free

Outlook unexpected but came for a fee

Hearing of family not before known

New brother discovered and now not alone

Never thought I could like him but maybe it’s fate

Years with no father and all of that hate


Lancer the man I now see as good

Anger behind me — Yes, that’s understood

New horizons and a home in which I take pride

Childhood fears in the past now and all put aside

Every day I’ll be thankful that I answered the call

Rescued by my father and now standing tall 






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