For the First Time
by  Margaret P.


DRABBLE: 100 words, excluding the title.

2 March, 2016                      



We went there together.

Scott signed first.

Then Murdoch.

But when it was my turn the old man remembered.

“That last name should read John Madrid, not Lancer”.

He didn’t like the words—I could tell.

He said them thinking it was what I wanted.

The lawyer went to make the change.

It wouldn’t take but a minute.

And it didn’t, because I stopped him.

Shoot, I didn’t like Murdoch’s words either.

So I said, “No—let it stand.”

And for the first time I signed my real name.

And for the first time I saw my father’s real smile. 


1. The dialogue in this drabble comes from the pilot movie, The Homecoming, and the script by Samuel A. Peeples.






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