by  Lynda



In the past he had led a relatively quiet life running the ranch. A year ago that had all changed with the return of his sons. In the background he could hear Johnny and Scott larking about on the veranda. It didn't matter what they were doing; the house was alive, he was alive again. There was never a quiet moment except when the boys were asleep. There was a crash a shout and a burst of raucous laughter. Murdoch winced, looked out of the window behind his desk; he sighed, a contented sigh. He wouldn't change a thing.



Sitting in the hayloft door Jelly watched the sunset. He could hear the boys ‘playing' on the veranda and looked over. Johnny was swinging from the rafters like a monkey; Scott was attempting to dislodge him and failing miserably. Johnny slipped, let out a shriek and landed on Scott. They rolled around trying to untangle themselves, made more difficult for being helpless with laughter. Jelly turned his attention to sunset once more, as the last sliver of sun disappeared below the horizon. Just another day at Lancer. He glanced at the veranda again, shrugged his shoulders and smiled; ‘boys'.


~ end ~






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