Moonlit Destiny

By Liette 


I pace back and forth in my room, as silent as a cat since I donít wear my spurs. In fact, Iím barefoot, and I wear only a pair of rather loose Ė and I have to admit, comfortable white pants. No shirtÖ Itís too hot.

Finally, my steps take me to the window and I stand there, with my elbows propped on the sill and my hands cupping my face as I lazily look outside. The sky is really bright tonight, illuminated by hundreds of stars and a moon so huge, so bright and so close that it looks as if I can almost touch it with the tips of my fingers. Of course, thatís an illusion. Who could touch the moon? Nobody can.

Itís midnight and I only have a few hours left before tomorrow. I canít help but wonder what it will bring. Deep in my heart, I know. Guess Iím not really ready to leave my old life behind. I suppose that part of me will always regret yesterday and the freedom to do as I please whenever it suits me.

I should go back to bed and try to sleep a little. Tomorrow will come quickly enough. But, even though Iím trying real hard, I find that Iím rooted to the spot. I canít moveÖ I canít retrace my steps to my bedÖ All I can do is gaze at the moon and watch the stars slowly fade away as night turns to day.

At last, when the night is gone, swallowed by the pink hues of dawn, I turn from the window and walk back to my bed. I lie down and I rub my eyes with the palm of my hands. Boy, Iím weary. No use sleeping now as tomorrow is already here.

When I hear the door burst open, I realize I must have finally dozed off a little, despite my intention to stay awake. I open my eyes with a jerk and I look around, lost for a minute. And then, I remember everything as my eyes travel to the doorframe.

There he is, standing tall and mighty, a smile playing on his lips. He motions for me to get up. Reluctantly, I obey his command and I take a step toward him. Our eyes lock for a few minutes before he speaks to me.

ďIt is time, Mestizo, time to meet your destiny.Ē





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