Roses are Red

By LaJuan 


Roses are red

And violets are blue

With him, I'll break bread

And share his bed too.


He visits with his half smile

And gives me pleasant dreams.

Riding through the last mile

He stops the match teams.


Tenderly, he helps me down

And leads me to the glade.

His soft voice sooths my frown

And my resistance does fade.


With hands so smooth

And warm on my skin.

I know I'll be sooth

As I savor my win.


I look at his image

I keep in my heart.

His heat will singe

And we'll never part.


No matter what you say,

Today, the cowboy is mine.

You coyotes will bay

While waiting in line.


Alas, it'll do you no good,

Playing with fire gives a burn.

I'm in a great mood,

As you'll never get a turn.


Fingering the hair on his head

And the thatch on his chest too.

Touching lips to keep words unsaid

His laughing eyes are deep blue.


So roses are red

And violets are blue

In the meadow we bed

And gently sleep, too.




Roses are Red part II


Roses are red

And I'm put out too

As I contemplate in my bed

How I lost your eyes of blue.


It happened in the night

As I dreamed in your arms.

You left without a fight

Sparing me from all harms.


I awoke to find you gone,

Leaving behind a note.

I cried over my sweet Juan,

Enough to fill a mote.


Why did you have to go

To visit all their dreams?

Leaving me is so low

To caress the posse teams.


Must you sample all,

Mary, Cheryl, Lynne,

Amber, Southerfrau,

Jan and Marilyn?


Ah...the future may be bleak

With my dark hair gent.

But this gal's not meek,

If you catch my hint.


There's a spare Lancer man

With hair of shiny gold

You keep away, friend Jan,

As I make my move, sassy and bold.


Roses are red

At least I'm told

Boston's in my head

And this gal won't fold.



Roses are Red part III


Roses are red

And his eyes are steel gray.

I plot my plan in my head

And dream of San Francisco bay.


I remind myself he's rich

And definitely male.

He'll do in a pinch,

He's hearty and hale.


He's his brother's best friend

So I'll see Johnny soon.

Eye signals I'll send

Under the soft, romantic moon.


Of course, I'll be hugging Scott.

He'll never see my face.

I think Johnny's body is hot

As I flutter my 'kerchief lace.


With his attention to brother's back,

I'll bat my eyelashes and blow a kiss.

With a promise in the sack,

He'll think I'm a delicious dish.


I remind myself he's rich

And deliciously male.

Hoping I don't get the ditch

He's energetic and hale.


He's his brother's best friend

As I hold tight to Scott

Both of them I'll defend

Against the ladies of Lancer lot.


Why can't I have their wealth

To play with in my dream?

I'll toast to their bad health

Death after our marriage, I'll deem.


Roses are red.

Achieving revenge, I can.

After they're dead

I'll go for the 'Old Man.'




Roses are Red part IV


Roses are red

And my plot is thick.

If I am to wed,

I must be quick.


She stares at me with malice

This tiny little girl.

She, who lives in their palace

And is their sister pearl.


I must back up and take time

To plan well and win her trust.

Puckered lips full of lime

Challenge me to go for bust.


I go slow dating one of the boys

And find the crack in her wall.

Convinced they aren't my new toys,

She gives me slack at the ball.


She shyly confides in me

Of her love for the dark-haired one.

My plan she cannot see

And I'll use her to make it done.


Quickly I lay it out

My love of his hair of gold.

She believes, without pout

And I leap for him to hold.


He believes my lies,

The wedding is over soon.

We wave to them our goodbyes

And leave for our honeymoon.


The lawyer is most kind

As he changes Scott's will.

He follows my plan and I find

The key to raid the till.


It must be subtle

As we head back home.

Maybe tonight as we cuddle,

I'll present him my body to roam.


I watch with glee.

He raises the poison glass

To toast to me

And his delight of my sass.


But the nosy little vixen

Spoils my fun

When she rushes in my den

Waving a gun.


Shouting loudly of her news,

Johnny's confessed of my sin

And my attempts of woos,

But I still will win!


I trip and bump her.

The gun is fired.

The drink does soar

And Scott is tired.


He drops to the floor

And she does now scream.

His blood does pour

And I just beam.


They try to console

Me of my husband's fate.

His body sports a hole,

But not dead, so I wait.




Roses are Red part V


Roses are red

And I think hard

As I stare at his bed

And play his guard.


Scott didn't die

And I'm full of piss.

I wanted the brothers' pie

Not wedded bliss.


Time to plan again

And get it right.

I sit and mend

As the plot becomes bright.


Teresa must go.

She's in the way

Of getting their dough.

I'll off her today.


Once she's gone,

Murdoch's bonnie,

I'll break the bond

Of Scott and Johnny.


She's full of remorse

Over harming her brother.

She left on her horse,

Seeking her mother.


Johnny followed her

And brought her back.

Now asleep, wrapped in fur

Downstairs in the sack.


I plead to take a break,

As Murdoch watches his son.

Coffee and tea I make,

Visiting her and my fun.


She's on her back

And snoring soft.

Not giving her a whack,

I sit blocking her cough.


She struggles as she gets no air

With my bottom on her chest.

Holding her down by her hair

No bruises, soon eternal rest.


Grabbed and tossed away

By Johnny and Jan.

No murder today,

I'm held in her granny van.


Sorry, Southerfrau.

I tried to do the deed.

I'll take the fall

And try again when freed.


Johnny trifled with me

And he's rich beyond belief.

Soon enough he will see

In here, I've turned over a new leaf.


So roses are red

Outside this loony bin.

My sweet husband bled

And I committed no sin.



Roses are Red - Epilogue


Roses are red
In their hands.
Covering her final bed
Toss by her many fans.


The cold sun is shiny overhead

As I mingle with the crowd.

Only Johnny has on red

Everyone's head is bowed.


No one knows what went wrong,

I overhear from the gossip crows.

Amazing Grace is the song,

Sung by orphans adorn in pink bows.


She was healthy and loved by many

With a full life in front.

Cut down amidst her life of plenty

Murdoch bore the brunt.


He was the one who found her body,

Decked out in her Christmas dress.

He brought to her room a hot toddy,

To help clear up her sinus mess.


For several months she didn't feel good

No one knew the reason.

Even Sam couldn't fathom her mood,

Neither could either son.


But I know what was the cause

As they lower her into the ground.

She's why my life was on pause

And I wanted her dead without sound.


I finally escaped that loony bin

By flirting with a guard.

Committing a mortal sin,

It wasn't very hard.


I started life with another name,

And quickly consigned her to hell.

I masqueraded as a famous Dame

Visiting from an Irish dell.


My pen pal letters she adored

As she received them in the mail.

The envelope I carefully poured

With a poison I knew well.


It wasn't much, but just enough

To start her slow decline.

All she took was a small puff,

The grains were very fine.


My marriage to Scott is no more.

He divorced and put me aside.

He's not the one I now adore,

Although, I wish he had died.


I once thought I wanted Johnny.

His hands on me were great.

But now I can't be his bonnie,

Chasing a richer man is my fate.


As we move further from the grave

I gaze up into my lover's blue eyes.

He is my hero, so strong and brave

So soon he'll say to life his goodbyes.


So farewell to Scott, and Johnny
And stubborn Murdoch Lancer,
From the girl they knew as Connie.
For now.... they've escaped my lure.




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