Lancer Drabbles

By LaJuan 


These were a part of the Lancer_Writer Yahoo Group June 2007 Drabble Challenge to select a Lancer quote from one character and allow another character to say it.

The piece had to be 100, 200, 300, etc. words, including the title. I've highlighted the quotes.



Murdoch bellowed, “Teresa,  I can't find anything in the armoire to wear!”

Coming into his bedroom, she stared, looking him up and down.  Tapping cheeks with fingertips, she revealed her thoughts,  “You know, with a little work, I think I can make a professional out of you. Trust me, Murdoch?”

“Yes, honey. Always.”

Three weeks later, the family, dressed for the costume ball, waited downstairs for Murdoch.  With laughter, they watched as he came down the steps, decked out in a brown hat, rose colored embroidered shirt, black concho leather pants, concho belt, low slung gun rig and spurs.



Murdoch glared as his son came down the stairs. Teresa and Maria had put the breakfast meal on the table and Murdoch held his gold watch in his hand. Looking down once more, he noted the time and his eyes sought those of his son.

"Breakfast is served at 5:30 sharp. Even if you boys go out Saturday nights, I expect you to be at the table on time! Where is your brother?"

"He's getting dressed now. Go easy on him, Murdoch."

Noisily Scott came down and heard Murdoch's sarcastic words, "We'd just about given up on you, Boy."


Whiskey Lullaby

Thank goodness they were able to take Johnny's gun away, because for the last week his son had drowned his sorrows in whiskey.    Murdoch couldn't take it anymore and he went searching.

He found her at the saloon in Spanish Wells.  Dressed in the revealing short dress of a dance hall floosy, she swayed as she chugged down whiskey.

“Why, Teresa?  You married Johnny for love and you left.  It's the only good thing that's ever happened to you in your whole life and you're going to get up and walk away from it. And all for nothing.

“No, not for nothing, Murdoch.  Bein' legal don't get the job done.  I wasn't much good up on a pedestal.  You have to do it to them before they do it to you, so... I left.” 

She paused and then retorted, “Don't you know pretty girls and gunfighters don't mix?”

“Teresa, he loves you.  Come home!”

“Murdoch, I love him, but I can't be there.  So, I'll settle for this drink and maybe I'd better start this dance myself.”  Swaying to music and humming, she passed out. 

That night, he took her home to Lancer to quiet the whiskey lullaby.


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