Johnny Calls the Tune
by  Kayla R.


Scott was amused as he listened to Johnny tell his family that he calls the tune.  Scott wasnít sure if they understood what he was talking about. 

It seems that old Johnny Madrid had a lot to learn when dealing with a wife, children and a dog.  They were practically strangers.  Johnny being in a Mexican jail missed years of their lives. Gabriella was sometimes angry with him, that he left her and the boys to fight a range war in Mexico. She was pregnant and alone, she told him that he neglected her.

Johnny was smiling thinking he couldnít have totally neglected her, because she has five reminders that he made some visits to their bed. Johnny remembered how good the love making with Gabriella was, she was the best he ever had.  He remembers they couldnít get enough of one another. They would make love in the morning, in the afternoon and practically all night.

Now she doesnít even want to share a bed with him or have him touch her. He has to keep reminding her of the tune, as his wife she has to take care of his sexual needs. Dios, itís hard when you have children, it seems just when we get started romping there is a knock on the door and the sound of mama I need you. Hell, he yells out, I need your mama more, Gabriella glares at him and pushes him off of her and he rolls off the bed as he lies on the floor, he canít believe another night of interrupted sex. Those damn brats!

Cory is at the door crying, mama I need you, he is whispering Cassidy is not in her bed, and her blanket is gone. Iíve looked all over the house for her and I canít find her.  Please donít tell Johnny, because I donít want him to spank her again. She said earlier she was going to live with Maria. She was mad at Johnny for spanking her and sending her to her room.

Johnny said, Cory, I can hear everything your saying to your mama, Cassidy was spanked because she let all the chickens out of the coop. Maybe you shouldnít have told her that Maria killed a chicken for her chicken soup.  It took Murdoch, Scott, Jelly and I four hours to gather those damn chickens.  You are lucky you werenít spanked too! So bed now!

Cassidy who is the youngest is four years old.  Murdoch said she is just like Johnny at the toddler years.  She has a temper; she is head strong and is always getting into trouble.  By now all the other children are up along with Scott, Teresa and Murdoch. Every one wanting to know what the problem is.  Johnny is shouting half in Spanish and English, Dios, Cassidy left home to live with Maria.

Johnny is half dressed and is mad as hell, heading towards MariaĎs house.  I donít care how mad Gabriella gets the brats need to know who calls the tune around here. One of the tune is no one leaves the house at night!

Maria saw Johnny coming and whispered to him, that Cassidy and Bandit are asleep in her bed. Cassidy is cuddled next to Bandit they are both wrapped in her blanket, and she has her thumb in her mouth, Dewdrop is on the floor beside the bed. Johnny gently picks her up, as she awakens Johnny said; Cass you caused me a lot of trouble, you know papa told you that you canít leave the house at night; we were all worried about you.

Papa, I was mad at you, I sorry, please no spanking and tears were gently rolling down her face, Johnny said no spanking this time, but Cassidy this is the last time you leave the house at night! If there is a next time you will definitely get a spanking, understand! She nodded and kissed him on the cheek. All he kept on thinking was how did Johnny Madrid get so soft.

He then carried her home with the dog and duck following them.

He brought her back to her room and tucked her in bed and kissed her good night. Told the others to go back to bed, the shows over!

He thought maybe he can finally finish what he had started with Gabriella.  As he entered their room he saw that wasnít happening, Gabriella was a sleep with her flannel night gown on, and even a robe on. Worst yet the dog was a sleep on Johnnyís side of the bed and Dewdrop was sleeping on the floor beside the bed.  As he grabbed his pillow, the dog was growling at him. 

Bandit you are lucky I donít shoot you, I told Gabriella and the brats, that Bandit was not allowed in the house. Especially since the last time when he was sitting in Murdochís chair and licked the ink off Murdochís ledger. I thought Murdoch was going to shoot him; luckily Boston was there to hold him back. He was shaking his head; I canít believe Gabriellaís letting Cassidy bring Bandit & Dewdrop in the house, what the hell next Barranaca?

Johnny finally fell as sleep on the couch; he woke up with a sore back and neck. He hears a lot of yelling, he puts the pillow over his head, but it doesnít drown out the noise.   All he can think of is now what did the brats do?

Scott is yelling at him, something about how his sons Cory and Coty, practically started a stampede, it happened when they were fighting; they left the gate on the fence open and scared the cattle.

Johnny just put the pillow back over his head.  Scott grabs the pillow and asks his brother are you going to help us gather the cattle or hide under that pillow all day.

Johnny gets dressed and puts on his boots to help Scott and the men.  As he leaves he is cursing and yelling at Gabriella to make sure the twins stay in their room.

Cory and Coty are in their room and still fighting this time in and all out brawl.  Gabriella canít take it anymore so she tells them they can go out and play, but do not get into trouble. 

She knows Johnny will be angry when he gets back; she had heard it took most of the day to gather all the cattle. Iím sure he will be in a foul mood especially having to listen to Murdoch and Scott telling him he needs to start calling the tune with his children.

Johnny was heading back to the house when he saw Cory and Coty rolling on the ground fighting near the barn.  He couldnít believe Gabriella would let them go out and play. As he enters the house and is shouting for Gabriella he falls over Cassidyís doll and carriage and hits his head on the ground.  Scott carried him to his room; and Teresa put ice on his head. When Johnny woke up, he had the worst headache, he then remembered, what happened.

Cursing in Spanish, Dios Gabriella how many times have I told you the brats need to pick up their toys! We have to have a long talk, when I call the tune; you have to start listening, if not there will be consequences. He then stormed out the door.

Gabriella went to her room and cried. She was mad at Johnny; he had no idea that the kids were a handful and did not listen to her.  He was always blaming her for the childrenís behavior.  She thought maybe if he wasnít in Mexico and he had helped her raise them, they wouldnít be brats.

Johnny was glad to go in to town to get supplies; he needed to get away from Gabriella and the brats. He and Jelly stopped into the saloon for some drinks. He knew Murdoch would be angry that he missed dinner and got drunk.

As he stumbled in the house he noticed it was very quiet. He saw Murdoch and the boys making a model ship.  Cassidy was playing with her dolls. 

Thank goodness the brats were quiet, especially with his head hurting.  He was wondering where Gabriella was, she probably was still upstairs pouting.  He thought, sheís definitely not giving me any tonight. I shouldnít have given her the lecture about consequences and listening to the tune.

Boys where is mama? The boys didnít answer they were ignoring him, they were mad at him for making mama cry, boys I asked where the hell is your mama?

Murdoch growled at Johnny; donít use that language when talking to the children.  Gabriella is not here.

Well Murdoch where is she?

Murdoch said; I surprised Gabriella with a trip with Aggie to San Francisco. I thought this would give you an opportunity to spend time with your children while Gabriella was away.

Murdoch why the hell would you do that.  You know how much work I have to do on the ranch; I sure as hell canít do work and take care of five bratty kids.

Murdoch laughed and said; John you will take the boys with you to work.  Teresa and Maria will watch over Cassidy and remember those five bratty kids are your kids.

Johnny was now cursing in Spanish.  Murdoch growled John I said watch your language in front of the children! The boys giggled as Murdoch was reprimanding Johnny.

John, also I think itís time to put Cassidy to bed.

Johnny finally got Cassidy to sleep, after five stories, two cups of water and finally allowing Bandit to sleep with her and Dewdrop to sleep on the floor next to her bed. 

He then shouted down for the boys, itís time for bed!  His patience was running out and if they did not stop whining about bed time, he was going to take off his belt and give them something to really whine about. 

Finally after an hour they were asleep too.  Johnny was exhausted and also fell asleep.

Johnny thought he was dreaming of Gabriella lying next to him and kissing him, but then opened his eyes and saw it was Bandit licking him and Dewdrop sleeping next to him on the bed, along with a crying and wet Cassidy.

Johnny changed her night gown and put her in his bed, there was no way he was changing sheets at night.

He checked on the boys and thought thank goodness they are still asleep.  When he finally went to get in his bed there was Cassidy, Bandit and Dewdrop asleep on his bed, so he slept on the floor.

The next morning Connor and Cole were mad with Johnny for making them go to bed early. He also ordered them to muck out the stalls.

They thought who the hell died and made him our boss. So they plan to seek revenge.

They gathered all the left over beer from the bunk house and gave it to Barranaca to drink. 

Johnny trying to saddle Barranaca sees the horse just isnít quite right; Barranaca what the hell is with you today, when he finally gets on Barranaca to ride him, Barranaca bucks him off, Johnny lands in a pile of horse manure.

As he tries to get up, he keeps on slipping back in the manure.  Finally Jelly comes over to help him up.  Johnny notices the empty beer mugs outside of Barranacaís stall.

Iím going to blister those boysí bottoms when I get them.  Johnny is cursing and limping towards the bathhouse. Connor and Cole canít stop laughing; they are hoping they donít see Johnny the rest of the day. 

Finally cleaned up, I need to find Gabriella and bring her back to the ranch to take care of her brats.  I bet she is having a wonderful time in San Francisco and here I am in hell with her brats. 

Johnny leaves Scott a note; I need to take care of some personal business, so Boston I am leaving you in charge of my children. Good luck, but you once being a General in the army I am sure you can handle them.


San Francisco

Gabriella was having a wonderful time with Aggie, she was so generous.   She took Gabriella to have her hair and nails done.  She also took her on a shopping spree for a new dress and lingerie. Gabriella was so thankful; no one was ever this kind to her. Aggie smiled and said to Gabriella; I always wanted daughters to shop with.

Gabriella thought, tonight Iím going to sneak down to the bar when Aggie is asleep. Iím young and deserve to have a good time. Iím going to wear the new red dress and Iím going to forget about Johnny and the kids for the night.  Johnnyís always going into town, he plays cards, and goes to the saloon and Iím always stuck at Lancer with the children.

Johnny finally reached the hotel, he was exhausted and needed a drink, so he headed towards the bar, then he saw Gabriella boy oh boy was she beautiful in that red dress.

Then he noticed the cowboys around her, one of the Cowboys had kissed her, picked her up and was carrying her towards the hotel.

Gabriella then saw him, she was stunned, what was Johnny doing here; she was trying to bury her face in the cowboys shoulder and grabbed the cowboyís hat and put it over her face, praying Johnny didnít notice her.

As they passed Johnny, the Cowboy said; are you Johnny Madrid? Johnny lifted the cowboy hat up to see Gabriellaís face, he nodded yes, and that lady youíre carrying, happens to be my wife and the mother of my five children!

Iím so sorry the cowboy said, I had no idea, the cowboy then dropped Gabriella on the floor, she landed hard on her rear. 

Johnny reached for Gabriellaís hand to help her up and throws her over his shoulder carrying her to the room; he kicks the door open and throws her on the bed. He was trying to unbutton her dress but was having difficulty so he ripped the dress open and then started unbuttoning his pants and climbing on top of her.

Gabriella was in tears, trying to push him off of her, John I canít believe you ripped my dress. It was new Aggie had bought it for me. It was the best dress Iíve had in my life time and you ripped it to shreds.

Damn Gabriella, if you would have been a little more cooperative, I wouldnít have had to rip your dress, so donít fight me, we are going a couple of rounds. So we can do it the easy way or the hard way.

He then tries kissing her and she bites his lip, she taste his blood, he is cursing in Spanish, his lip is bleeding and there is blood on her and the bed, heís angry and it frightens her, he opened her legs and took her. 

Thank God he finally stopped when the man in the next room banged on the wall and said enough already, will you leave that poor girl alone.

Johnny was finally exhausted and collapsed on top of her.

Gabriella was sore, the next morning she pushed him off of her, hopefully without waking him, she thought a shower would make her feel better, but that didnít happen, there he was coming after her in the shower. He had that Madrid grin, and his hands were all over her body and he took her in the shower.


When they were done showering he said get dress and Iíll meet you in the lobby. Iíll leave a note for Aggie that you will be returning with me back to Lancer.

Gabriella was pleading with him, John canít we stay Murdoch paid through the weekend and we never did have a honeymoon.

Johnny was grinning and said you want me to stay in bed all weekend and make love to you?

Gabriella thinking of last night said; not exactly, not stay in bed all weekend, maybe we can go to the Opera and dinner. Aggie and I had tickets to the Opera and I always wanted to go to the Opera. 

Johnny was shaking his head no; the Opera hell no, I donít think so, and we have to get back to Lancer and the kids. Iíll meet you in the lobby, so hurry.

Gabriella was in the lobby and assumed they would be taking the train back to Green River, but Johnny said no, they would be going on horseback. 

Gabriella was complaining, John my rear is sore from when that Cowboy dropped me, and my legs are sore from your love making, please letís take the train.

Johnny was grinning thinking of the love making, and shaking his head no, nope we are riding! Johnny saddled up and pulled her up behind him. 

They rode about three hours when Gabriella started moving around trying to get in a comfortable position on the back of his horse; her rear and legs were hurting her. 

Johnny shouted stay still back there and smacked her thigh. Gabriella being angry at him took a bite at his back.  Johnny being in pain turns around and falls off of the horse and pulling Gabriella on top of him. 

Gabriella breaks free of his hold and starts backing up when she sees his anger as he starts to take off his belt.  Johnny pushed her over a rock and gave her a spanking. Gabriella was crying and pleading with him to stop.

Finally when he stopped, Gabriella was sobbing, John you hurt me bad, you know I was already sore. I hate you.

Johnny said hate me, I donít give a damn, hell my back hurts and my lip too, I let the lip thing go at the hotel, but girl you pushed me to far, when you took a bite out of my back.

Johnny decided they would make camp and tomorrow they would finish riding to Lancer, they were both too tired to ride and he knew Gabriella was hurting and he had a sore back. He also didnít want another bite mark on his body.

Johnny couldnít sleep much tossing and turning all night, he heard Gabriella sobbing in her sleep. He hated himself for hurting her.

In the morning Johnny woke first, rolling over and watching Gabriella as she slept, she was beautiful.  He woke her up and made lover to her, she tried to pull away from him but couldnít. Johnny was thinking of Gabriella, having five of his children before she turned twenty. He loved it when she was pregnant, knowing she was carrying his child and a part of him. 

Johnny sometimes felt he took away her dreams, he remembered her saying she wanted to go to college to learn, and be a teacher.  He smiled and thought the only thing she learned was how to please him in bed and the only teaching she did was try to teach the brats manners.

Johnny then felt, he had to make things right with Gabriella.  The next morning he saddled up and pulled her up on the horse behind him.  There was silence between them.  Gabriella was tired, resting her head on Johnnyís back, he felt her tears on his back as they rode he knew she was still hurting.

Johnny came to a little town where there was a bed and breakfast; he stopped and got a room for the night.

Johnny had told her to go up to the room he would be there shortly. Gabriella was in the bathtub when Johnny came up to the room.  He watched her and smiled at her, she was so beautiful, his body wanted her, she looked at him she thought when he smiles he is so handsome.

He said, I have a surprise for you, he helped her out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her, and she saw the package on the bed.  She smiled at him, and she had tears in her eyes, it was the first time he had ever bought her a present.  She thought back to the time when they barely had money for food. 

He said arenít you going to open it, she took the bow off the box and opened the box and saw the beautiful dress, she starting to cry, and kissed him and said; John this is your sweetest tune.






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