By Jean


Usual disclaimers - don't think the creators actually spoke to the horse (but I could be wrong).

Thanks again to Karen who showed me the parts where it wasnt quite working.


I hear him coming; footsteps heavy, quick, almost running but trying hard not to. He's either angry or upset - possibly both. Has he challenged his sire again - and lost, or have they wanted to know some of the secrets he tells only me?

I wont tell anyone else. Most two legs say Im a dumb animal. They dont know that while I may not be able to talk to them, I understand them in my own way. He knows. He is different, the only two legs I could ever consider my equal. We are different but the same - proud, unyielding and in charge of our own destinies.

I feel his two short forelegs round my neck, the wetness and the trembling, though I know it isn't fear - I cannot smell that. What have they done this time, my friend? Turning my head, I nibble your mane, mutual grooming keeps us together. How can I help you? Your words flow and I sense your pain; your loss. That I understand.

I remember the day we first encountered each other. I'd been born free to roam the plains. Once I was old, wise and strong enough, I challenged for control of the females and won. The old master was defeated and I became supreme.

That all changed the day the two legs came, they separated me from my females and choked me, dragging me to their enclosed areas. They tried to dominate and subdue me, but I couldn't, wouldn't give in. I would die first.

I knew from the first he was different. He spoke but also listened to me. To be honest, two legs' language is a mystery to me, but his voice was so soothing, hypnotic almost. I instinctively knew I could trust him - this one is different - we are fortunate to have found each other.

I look at him, I am without fear, but so is he. I listen to the sounds he is making; they don't make any sense, but they are soothing and I flick my ears to catch the different tones. He is no threat to me; he is my equal, not my superior.

This one is different. I allow him to approach. He still makes those soothing sounds, and my anxiety dissolves. I look at him, and he at me, there is no threat, we bide our time and measure each other.

This one is different. I don't mind when he comes beside me, gently touching me. He is my equal, and I don't mind if he puts his weight on my back. There is no threat, we are equals, and all the time the soothing sounds come from him and I listen.

Wait, should I allow this two leg to sit on my back? No, he must prove he is worthy of my companionship!

This one is different. I cannot get rid of him. No matter how hard I try. I've tried everything I know, and still, he is there! But I don't mind too much. I keep saying, he is different - and he is.

We are equals. I sense this. He does not want to dominate me. He understands I cannot allow that, he wants to be - I struggle to find the word. I don't understand the concept. He wants me to be his 'friend', 'partner'.

He gets down from my back, and I once again feel contact. He is he. I am I. Neither is less than the other, He is two legged, I am four, we are equals. I am content; we will care for each other.

This one is different!



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