Sharin' Stuff
by  Heather


I wrote this today:- it just popped into my head and I had fun doing it. Hope you all like? 

Don’t own the boys nor the rights to them, but I wish I did. My Johnny is 19 and Scott is 25. Hope you like? The boys have been home for around about five to six months.

SF did the beta for me and added some little tweaks of her own….thanks SF for you support and help. 




I’m in a bad mood. My old man’s been leanin’ on me hard ever since the probation thing. He’s never off of my back, complainin’ about this, complainin’ about that. I’ve heard John Lancer bellowed so much here lately; I’m beginnin’ to think he’s forgot everyone’s name but mine, dammit. Gettin’ so’s a man can’t fart without gettin’ a lecture or two. I need a break and now’s as good a time as any. I also need to blow off some steam, before I fuckin’ explode. Be just my luck if I did, I’d splatter blood and guts on that damn ledger the old man is always scribbling in.


Me and Scott were gettin’some supplies but I took Barranca, don’t much like ridin’ in a wagon, when I got a perfectly good horse. Wagons are for old folks, kids and shave tails. Scott drove the wagon and relented bout me takin’ Barranca. Now, I’ve escaped big brother to go for a drink and already I’ve downed a shot of tequila and half a beer.


Here he comes, lookin’ like a bear with a sore head and I’m his cub…he sure does love to play at bein’ a big brother. Anyway, after a few choice words, that I can’t repeat, mostly ‘cause I didn’t listen, he sits down beside me. I grinned. Ol’ Boston likes a cool beer as much as the next man, ‘specially on a hot day like today. So I ordered one and made like I was goin’ to pay…yeah right!


I’m kinda pissed to be honest. I mean, who the fuck does he think he is, tellin’ me when I can drink and what to drink too! I’m lookin’ for some release for my temper that’s fixin’ to boil over like a pot left on the stove too long. Found it to in the shape of Frank. I’ve never liked Frank, he’s a complete asshole of the highest order and he hates me…almost as much as I hate him. Yep he’ll do!


I start to tease him, tellin’ him how sweet he’s smellin’. I know he’s courtin’ Jessie and makin’ an effort. His mood is turnin’ sour. Yep… him and me, we’ll be tanglin’ real soon. Need me a fight, to cool off and he’ll do nicely. Gotta get some of this anger outta me somehow and he’ll do just fine…he’s always been a prick anyhow.


Scott’s givin’ me ‘the look’. Like I am supposed to give a shit what he thinks… pfft! I’m beginnin’ to lose my patience with him too. Hell, who am I kiddin’ lost my patience some time ago. When he was goin’ on about this and that and how I didn’t listen to the old man and how I needed to…la de da de da… wasn’t music to my ears let me tell ya. Certainly wasn’t a tune I wanted to dance to either.


Nope, Boston sure was being a pain in the proverbial ass. I downed my beer and my second tequila and grabbed for Betsy, as she was passin’… started makin’ sweet talk.


Rachael was nowhere to be seen. Anyhow, she prefers Scott…maybe it’s because of their age, they’re both old! Hah, that’s it! I laughed out loud, and then started to think. Fightin' Frank or fuckin' Betsy… hmmm… it’s a hard decision. But the way Betsy was nibblin’ at my ear was makin’ me make up my mind real goddamned fast, I can tell ya. Maybe this way was better… anythin’ to release this knot of discontent growin’ in my belly.  When she started to suck on my ear…I was convinced about what I needed!


Trouble was Frank was also convinced, he’s wanted to pound on me for some time.


I lifted my third tequila to toast him, like I was pleased that he’d finally found some balls and laughed, and before I downed my drink, he was on me. Shit! Didn’t see that comin’.


He was bigger and tougher than I took him for but I got a few heavy blows in myself before ol’ Boston stepped in to help. Brotherly love… don’t cha’ just love it? I took a step back, well, he was doin’ fine on his own…no sense in us both gettin’ our asses kicked now, huh?


Betsy grabbed my arm while Scott and Frank were going at it big time. I had to laugh; I was now watchin’ what I started…it was time for me to slip on upstairs. I ain’t no fool, Val and Ty will be poundin’ in and arrestin’ ol’ Boston and Frank for distrubin’ the peace.  Makes a change, huh? I crept up the stairs all quiet like… didn’t want to disturb the fight after all.


Boy was Scott givin’ old Frank a run for his money. He looked real mad too. Like I said, brotherly love, ya got to love it. I heard rather than saw Val and Ty explode into the saloon. “Hold it boys,” Val shouted. “Just stop what you’re doin’ and come along quietly with me and my deputy here.” Then I heard Scott and Frank bein’ dragged away. Scott was callin’ for me and I gotta admit I did feel a little guilty…just a little…. Took me all my…what’s that word Scott told me…oh yeah, fortitude, not to laugh out loud… but I ain’t that dumb!


Betsy soon took my mind off of the guilt. Her fingers were working overtime, like she hadn’t seen a man in months. I knew this wasn’t the case, but still…she’s a good actor, what can I say? Well, we had time to do our usual dance and it was nice…that’s all the information your gettin’ from me on that subject…uh hem!


I was dressed and down stairs, struttin’ out on the boardwalk, gettin ready to mount Barranca, when Val came up to me and said, “Just where the Hell do you think your goin’, boy?”


Now, I was shocked cause I hadn’t done nothin’ wrong, as far as I could see. And I sure the Hell wasn’t gonna up and confess to nothin’.


“Home, why?” I asked innocently, as if butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.


“Cause, I been hearin’ you had somethin’ to do with the fight earlier on, boy,” he said.


Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. Not really, that statement is what big brother would call hyperbole.


“What’s big brother blaming me for now?” I asked innocently and Val near choked on his own spit. It nearly had me laughin’… I cain’t lie. I made like big brother was trying to rope me in to save his own ass with Murdoch and Val wasn’t buyin’ it for one second…bastard…it really pisses me off that he knows me so well.


Before long he had me by the scruff of my neck and was draggin’ me towards the jailhouse and I was pleadin’.  “But I wasn’t even there, now c’mon, Val, you cain’t rightly pin this on me, can ya?  Scott’s lyin’ just to put the blame on me. You don’t know it, Val, but he owes me one, after the trick I pulled on him at Lancer, he’d do anythin’ to get back at me. You know the games we play!”


I hid my smirk well. Always was quick on the hoof. I could outsmart all the other street kids with my excuses. Val studied me kind of funny like, I had to fight to keep up the ruse.  Then he shook his head. He had to agree with me. I hadn’t been involved, heck, I hadn’t even been there. But he was shocked that Scott would try to put the blame on me. “It was so unlike him,” he said. Took all my concentration to keep my face straight but this was Val and I knew better than to give him any clues…any clues at all.


Phew that was a close call, huh?


I decided rather than go home, that I’d ride out for a couple of days. Scott could take the supplies home after Murdoch bailed him out…heh heh heh! Scott havin’ to be bailed out! It was funny and worth the Hell I’d get for it when I got back. I knew my ass would be toast. There’d be no foolin’ Murdoch.


Yep, I needed to be someplace else for a while. Scott wouldn’t be too happy with me either. Nope, it was better if I made myself scarce for a day or two…maybe even a week or two.


Three weeks later, I dragged my sorry ass home… hungry, stinkin’ and fuckin dog tired. Sleepin’ on the ground after my warm comfy bed wasn’t for me anymore!! I hadn’t slept right since leavin’ home. Gettin’ soft Madrid, gettin real soft.


Pa grabbed me soon as my feet touched the ground and gave me the lickin’ of my life, let me tell you. But I was so dog tired I hardly felt a thing, for the most part…anyway. All I wanted was to go to sleep… but noooo… my old man had saved a real shitty job, just for me. He made me polish all of big brother’s boots …yep all ten pairs of them, ‘til I could see my reflection in them… nothin’ less would do.


Now can you tell me why the fuck anyone has ten pairs of boots? I mean who the Hell needs ten pairs…huh? By the time the midnight hour struck I finally got done and dragged my sorry ass to bed.


But big brother was waitin’ for me, with his own brand of revenge. He patted my bed enticingly…I crept in and sat beside him and he whisked out the sonnets of Shakespeare! My worst nightmare! He told me to read… so without the usual argument, I did. I was too darn tired to argue.


Cain't hardly remember anything else…but the next mornin’ Scott was right beside me, snorin’ his head off. We’d fallen asleep together and snuggled all night. Brothers until the end, him and me… it felt good.


Well…now that we found one another, neither one of us will ever let go…but he now knows… we share everythin’, includin’ fightin’ partners.


The End







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