by  Holly

Characters don't belong to me, no copyright infringement intended. Written for pleasure, not profit. July 2001


A hand: browned from the sun, raised in surrender
A hand: pale and freckled, raised in greeting.

A hand: fingers curled around a well-oiled gun handle
A hand: fingers curled around a long rowboat oar

A hand: forefinger hooked around a pistol trigger
A hand: forefinger pulling a silver button through an embroidered button hole

A hand: middle finger anchoring worn leather reins
A hand: middle finger picking out a note on ivory keys

A hand: ring finger pulling at holster strings
A hand: ring finger holding a silk cravat knot in place

A hand: little finger twitching by a gun butt
A hand: little finger raised by teacup handle

A hand: thumbs tucked in gunbelt
A hand: thumbs caressing crystal glass rim

A hand: fingers gripping curry comb, tending horse
A hand: fingers round slim waist whirling to music

A hand: clasping pommel, levering
A hand: grasping delicate hand, swinging

A hand: aiming gun and firing
A hand: clapping in joy

A hand: calloused, bound in cord
A hand: manicured, shaking, greeting

A hand: trembling in fear
A hand: opening a letter

Hands released from fetters
Hands joining, greeting

Hands holding fine pens, signing

A brother's hand grasping
A brother's hand



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