Don't Ya Wonder?
by  EJ


January 2014


“I don’t know Scott.” Johnny leaned on the bar his head cocked to the right.

“I don’t know either Johnny, but since you claim a prowess with the ladies you should...” Scott followed his brother’s stare.

Before Scott could finish his sentence Johnny interrupted, “Well, seeing as how you are the educated one I think you should go over...”

“No way Johnny,” Scott shook his head.

“Aw come on Scott, just go over and introduce yourself.”  He aimed his best shit-eating grin at his brother, “Go on, you know that gentleman thing you do.”  Johnny couldn’t stop the chuckle at his older brother’s expression.

Scott ground his teeth and whispered, “No, and quit staring.  I am not going over there.”

Both men remained at the bar, nursing their drinks, and couldn’t help but sneak peeks at the table.  The lady in question was dressed in the elaborate style expected in the establishment but she was too old to be a saloon girl.  She noticed them when she entered the bar but then seemed to ignore them and settled into a chair at the table by the window.  

Sam had taken her a drink but no one else moved to join her.

Scott finished his drink, put the glass on the bar, and reached for his hat, “Well little brother I’m heading out.  Are you coming or just going to stand here staring at the lady?”

“Naw, I’ll head out with you, but ain’t ya curious who she is?” Johnny grabbed his hat and took one more look over his shoulder then followed Scott through the batwing door.

The lady in question just smiled, she appreciated the sneak peeks by the handsome young men.  Her business trip to Stockton was finally over she just wanted to get home. 

She missed Matt and would be glad to get back to Dodge. 








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