A Warm Fire
by  EJ

 January 2014


Johnny hated winter, he was cold and now wet thanks to some stupid cow stuck in the creek. “I hate these dumb critters.”  He grumbled as he hit it on the ass to get the cow moving away from the water.

Barranca wasn’t happy either and made it plain by shaking the water from his coat.  Johnny glared at his horse, “Thanks, I wasn’t wet enough.”

Finally home and after bedding Barranca, Johnny headed to the bathhouse for a long, hot soak. 

He felt better after his bath and a hot supper, then Murdoch poured drinks and the men settled in the great room.  Murdoch sat in his leather chair and Scott settled on the sofa with his feet propped on the table.  They smiled as they watched Johnny pull a rug in front of the fireplace.  He stood for a moment letting the heat warm his backside then he sat down.  He raised his glass to salute his father and brother.

 “Ya just can’t beat a warm fire.”







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