A Warm Bed for Johnny
by  EJ

Johnny snuggled deeper into his warm bed and took comfort from the heavy quilt that covered him on the cold winter morning.  It had been a year and a half since he arrived at Lancer, now he had a father, a brother, and a safe place.  Growing up he never had a bed like this in fact he was lucky if he had a bed because most times he slept on a dirt floor.

His stomach growled when smelled the coffee and bacon Maria was fixing for breakfast, but he was so warm and comfortable he hated to get up and snuggled deeper into his bed. 

Murdoch's loud knock followed a few minutes later by Scott's softer knock told him he better get up before one or both came in and hauled him out of his warm bed.

Johnny slowly stretched while staying under the quilt.  He didnít want to leave his bed but knew he had to get up.  Slowly he slid out from under the quilt and shivered as he sat on the edge of his bed.  He rubbed his arms then pushed the hair from his eyes, stood up, and grabbed the pants he had tossed on the floor the night before.

Johnny looked around the room, smiled, and shook his head amazed how his life had changed.

His stomach growled as he headed for the kitchen and breakfast with his father and brother.

Yeah his life had changed and Johnny Madrid Lancer was content at last.

He especially loved his warm bed.

EJ Jackson 2011






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