A New Taste Experience
by  EJ


January holidays and observances:

January 19 is Popcorn Day 


Scott unwrapped the package that had just arrived from San Francisco. He was savoring every moment as his audience watched in anticipation, especially his younger brother.

Still on a high from Christmas, Johnny couldn’t hold back his curiosity any longer. “Scott, hurry up.”

A few moments later the empty box laid abandoned on the floor while a grinning Scott proudly held up the odd contraption. 

“What is it?” Johnny was clearly not impressed.

“It’s called a corn popper. First, you place the kernels in this basket,” Scott pointed to the fine wire mesh. “Second, your shake it over the fire,” he made a shaking motion. “Then you have a wonderful treat called popcorn.”

Earlier, Scott had told Murdoch about his plan when the surprise package had failed to arrive for Christmas. He had hoped to add popcorn to the cranberry garland on the family tree. However, the best laid plans were foiled by bad weather.

Johnny leaned toward his father and whispered, “Ya ever heard of such a thing?”

Murdoch chuckled and patted his younger son’s shoulder, “Yes, Son, I have and you are going to like it.”

Johnny still doubted the thing was going to work, but the expressions on his father’s and big brother’s faces compelled him to go along with the crazy idea. “Okay,” He shrugged, obviously he was still not convinced.

Scott accepted the shucked corn from the bowl that Teresa held out to him. He dropped a handful of the kernels into the basket and closed the lid, then he held it over the fire. When the popping started, Scott gently shook the basket until the popping stopped. 

Murdoch held out a large bowl while Scott emptied the corn from the basket. At the same time Teresa leaned down and picked up the pan sitting on the ledge next to the flame. When Murdoch held the bowl out to her; she quickly poured the melted butter over the popped corn. 

Once everything was ready three satisfied faces beamed at their creation. They turned to face a doubting Johnny who had been carefully watching all the activity. 

“What?” Johnny wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with the bowl being held out to him.

“Taste it.” Scott grinned at the wary expression on his brother’s face. “You will like it.” He shook the bowl as he pushed it closer to Johnny, “Trust me.”

“Yeah?” A hesitant Johnny reached in the bowl and tentatively picked out a few of the white fluffy things and popped them in his mouth. Surprised, he licked the butter from his fingers. “Damn that’s good.”

“Language, Johnny,” Murdoch couldn’t kept the humor from his voice. He found so much enjoyment watching his younger son experience new things. 

Relived that Scott’s plan had worked so well, Murdoch went to the drinks cart and poured a scotch. He took a sip then moved to his favorite leather chair.

A contented Murdoch sighed as he watched his children enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a bowl of popcorn.


The End





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