The Surprise
by  EJ


“Are you sure this is gonna work, Boston?”

“Yes, little brother it will work.”

“I don’t know, ya know how the ol’ man is about ‘callin’ the tune.”

“We out number him on this so stop worrying.”

“I ain’t worried.  It’s...well…he sure is big.”

“I’ll protect you.”

“You wouldn’t have to if you’d let me have my gun.”

“No gun, how many times do I have to tell you, no gun.”

“Okay...okay...I got it.  No gun.”

Just then Murdoch came through the French doors and spotted his sons standing in the great room.  There were three saddle bags on the floor at his son’s feet.

“What’s going on boys?”  Murdoch was suspicious.

Johnny looked at Scott and nodded toward Murdoch then whispered.  “It’s your idea, you tell him.”

“Boys?”  Murdoch asked his voice slightly on edge.

“We have a surprise for you.  We have been working hard and feel we owe ourselves a treat.” Scott gestured toward the bags and proudly said, “A trip to San Francisco.”

Johnny held his breath and hoped there wouldn’t be too much damage from the explosion.

“What?”  Murdoch yelled, shaking the rafters.  “We don’t have time for a trip that far away.”

Unruffled by the outburst Scott continued, “Yes we do.  All the arrangements have been made, and Cip and Jelly will run things here.”

Murdoch glared at Scott then shifted his glare to Johnny, and growled out, “What arrangements?”

“Talk to him, it was his idea.”  Johnny pointed to Scott.

Scott laughed at Johnny, he knew his brother wasn’t thrilled with the plan.

“What arrangements?” Murdoch asked again as he fought to make his voice sound calmer.

“Think of it as an early birthday gift from your sons.” Scott said smiling at Murdoch.  “We have to do it early because it won’t be available in December.”

“What won’t be available in December?”  Murdoch tried to stay calm but it wasn’t easy.

Usually it was Johnny that could try his patience but now he was beginning to think Scott had been around his younger brother to much.  Johnny was rubbing off on Scott, that can’t be good. 

Murdoch waited.

“Well sir, Johnny and I wanted to do something special for you.  Something we can do as a family.”

“Just tell him and get it over with.” Johnny whispered to Scott.

If Murdoch hadn’t been trying to control his anger he would have found Johnny uneasiness amusing.

Murdoch looked at Scott, “Well?”

“We are taking you to San Francisco to see Macbeth.” Scott announced.

Murdoch was speechless and just stared at his sons.  They would do this for him?  When he finally found his voice all he could say was, “Macbeth?”

“Yes sir, we are part Scottish and this play seems appropriate.  I also know it is one of your favorite works from Shakespeare.” Scott smiled at his father.

Murdoch walked toward his sons.  His special boys had planned this for him.

Johnny hated being unarmed, damn house rule, but stood his ground and watched his father come closer.

Scott just smiled as he watch his father approach them.

Murdoch went to his sons and placed a hand on each of their shoulders, “Thank you boys.”

Scott chuckled as Johnny visibly relaxed at the thank you.

“Well sons, let’s get going.  Macbeth is waiting.”  Murdoch couldn’t believe how happy he felt.

They each grabbed a saddlebag and headed for the front door.

On the way out Johnny stopped in the hallway, grabbed his gun and followed the others.

The End






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