The Stable
by  EJ


Johnny thinking back on his life.

January 2014


There was no place in the world he felt more comfortable.  When he was little and his mama threw him out for a night with one of her men, the stable was safe and warm.  He loved the smell of the hay and the leather, but especially the company of the horses.

When he was drifting and the only money he had was needed for bullets and food he would sleep in the stable in exchange for mucking out stalls.  On more than one occasion he hid out in a stable to heal up.  Yep the stable was a haven for him.

Now that he was home at Lancer it was different.  Now the stable is where he went to talk to Barranca when he needed to calm himself after a fight with Murdoch.  It was also the place his brother would come looking for him to offer support and advice.  There were even times Murdoch would seek him out and they would come to some kind of agreement. 

His favorite stable was at Lancer, because thatís where his best friend lived.






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