Sneak Thief
by  EJ

Finally the house was quiet, well as quiet as possible with his father snoring loud enough to rattle the windows.

He peeked around his door, the coast was clear, so he tiptoed barefoot down the hallway to the stairs.  One last look over his bare shoulder then he mounted the banister and slid down.  He silently landed at the bottom of the stairway and looked up, still clear.

He had made it undetected and he chuckled as he continued toward his goal.

The kitchen was empty just as he expected so he headed for the icebox and removed the pitcher of milk, which he sat on the table.  Next he snuck into the pantry, there it was…the item that made life at Lancer worth all the hard work, all the arguments with his father, and putting up with his smart ass older brother…there it was…Maria's five layer chocolate cake!

He reverently carried the cake to the table, cut a piece and took a big bite-he was in heaven.

The next morning Maria found the empty cake plate and the empty milk pitcher on the crump and icing covered kitchen table.

"Juanito" she growled.

Then she grabbed her spoon and smacked it against her hand while she waited for the guilty party to show up.

EJ 2011






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