by  EJ

 December 2012

Murdoch, Teresa, and Scott stood transfixed, they knew this would happen one day but it was still difficult to watch.  Murdoch wanted to protect his younger son but the former gunfighter had to handle the situation without his family’s help.  The three stood and waited for it to be over.

Johnny stood in his relaxed gunfighter pose, hat pulled down shading his eyes and his arms hanging loosely at his sides.  His opponent stood facing him feet shoulder width apart, a determined sneer, and hand at the ready to go for the weapon.  The pair stared at each other waiting for some sign of the first move.

Johnny waited but didn’t see any indication his opponent was going to give in, he really didn’t want this to turn into a fight, he just wanted…

The opponent saw Johnny wavering and smiled thinking the battle was won.

Suddenly it was over, it happened so quickly his family could hardly believe what they had seen.

Johnny was holding his right hand, he was obviously in pain. 

The opponent was smiling and smacking her spoon against her other palm, “I told you nino, stay away from the cookies, they are for the orphanage.”

The End

This is just a little tale for Janet’s National Cookie Day.






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