Scott's Birthday Memories
by  EJ

February Memories Challenge
 Feb. 2013

Scott stood at his bedroom window and watched as his father listened to the hands report the day’s accomplishments.  In an hour the family would be at the supper table wishing him ‘Happy Birthday’, his first at Lancer.  He wasn’t sure how he felt about that, for years he had wished to celebrate the day with his father and now…


The parlor was decorated with streamers, balloons, and a ‘Happy Birthday Scotty’ banner, the servants always went all out for his parties. One table was covered with candy, cookies, a huge cake, and the crystal punch bowl and cups.  The other table was piled with brightly wrapped packages.

Scott wasn’t sure who some of the children were, but he knew grandfather would expect him to be polite.  He greeted each guest and thanked them for the gifts.  

Scott was playing with two neighbor boys when he heard someone knock at the front door.  He looked into the entry way and saw the butler usher a really tall man into his grandfather’s study.  Lucy, his governess, had read him stories about giants but he had never seen one before.  

Lucy pulled him back to the party to finish the game with the other boys.  He kept peeking over his shoulder, he wanted to meet the giant but since the man was grandfather’s study there wasn’t much chance of that happening.

Scott wanted to open the presents, but the cake would not be cut or gifts opened until grandfather gave the word.  So he nibbled on a piece of candy and moved his checker.

When the game was over, Lucy came to him and said his grandfather wanted to see him.

Scott was scared and excited he was going to see the giant.  Grandfather didn’t approve of undignified behavior, so he tried to hid his eagerness and waited for the door to open.

Grandfather introduced the giant as a business acquaintance but they weren’t friendly. Scott looked up at the tall man and smiled, the giant smiled back and shook his hand.  Scott noticed how small his hand was against the giant’s but he didn’t feel afraid.

Before they could talk, grandfather gave Lucy the sign to take Scott back to the party.   He felt something when the giant looked at him, the man seemed sad, but grandfather had declared the meeting over.  He didn't want to go but his grandfather frowned and Scott remembered that a gentleman doesn't cause a fuss so he went. He couldn’t resist peeking over his shoulder when he was out in the hall, only to see his grandfather firmly close the door. That was the last time he ever saw the giant.


The last time I ever saw him until five months ago. Well, now I know the truth, why I felt something when I saw the giant, that giant that was my father.  I wish I could forgive grandfather for cheating me, robbing me of my father.  I can’t, at least not yet. 

Now I am with my real family. I know Murdoch wanted me and always has, and he wants me to stay at Lancer.  My father suffered the loss of a wife and a son, he was left alone, but not anymore.  I want to can call him father and maybe one day I will.


So here I sit with my father and brother waiting for Teresa to arrive with the cake. However, this year it is different, I want to be here and I’m going to show them just how special this celebration is to me.

I’m home-at last-and that’s the best birthday present I ever received.


I wanted a story about Scott that showed no matter how much money, creature comforts, or how safe the surroundings it doesn’t always mean happiness.

I especially want to thank Shelley Hunter for acting as a beta and for all her wonderful suggestions.

EJ  2/2103






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