Saint Patrick's Day Party
by  EJ




“Well, I guess we should get it over with, but remember this is all your fault.”

“What ya mean my fault, she’s mad at you too.”

“She would not, repeat not, be mad at me if it weren’t for your actions.”

“It wasn’t my fault, how many times I gotta tell ya that?”

“So you have said, numerous times.  I am guilty by the mere fact that I happen to be your older brother.  And that I unfortunately entered the scene at the worst possible moment.”

Johnny glared at his brother, “Yeah, and you only made it worse.”

“Let’s get it done and head home or the next person after our heads will be Murdoch.”

“Got that right, his temper is as big as him.  When he starts yellin’ ya can hear him all the way to Morro Coyo.”

“Only when he’s yelling at you little brother.”

“Uh, Scott, she’s lookin’ at us, and she looks really pissed.  Maybe we shoulda sent Teresa.”

“Murdoch said we had to apologize.  She does look very angry, maybe we should have given her more time to calm down.”

“Dios, Scott, it’s been a week ya woulda thought she be over it by now.”

“Ladies don’t ‘get over’ something like this in just a week.”

“Guess not, good thing I have my gun.”

“You can’t shoot her Johnny.”

“Why not, she looks like she wants to shoot me.”

“Well what do you expect, the Widow Hargis is still green.”






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