Payback for Scott
by  EJ


February Holidays and Observances

February 11 is White Shirt Day


February 2014


Lancer Ranch - breakfast in the kitchen, February 10th.


Johnny was frowning, Scott was smiling, and Murdoch was trying not to laugh.  

Maria kept her back to the men to hide her smile and stirred the eggs.

“Just call it payback, Johnny.  You made me wear red so now it’s your turn to wear white.”  Scott was enjoying himself, “Tomorrow is wear a white shirt day.”

“Yeah, but it’s plain white, at least you had some decoration, this is just…”

Johnny tossed the offending shirt on the table. “Plain.”

Scott was on a roll getting even with Johnny, “At least there’s no lace or ruffles, I could have ordered a formal dress shirt for you.”  He laughed, “I think little brother you would be very pretty in lace and ruffles.”   

Suddenly Scott realized that last remark might have been too much because Madrid just entered the kitchen.

Murdoch saw the change and started to intervene but Johnny spoke first.

“Boston,” Johnny’s eyes turned cold and dark. “I didn’t try to embarrass you.”

“I’m sorry Johnny, I would never do anything to…” but before he could finish Johnny stomped out of the kitchen, slammed the door, and headed for the barn.

Murdoch shook his head and Maria scowled and smacked her wooden spoon against her palm.   

Scott knew Johnny had not tried to embarrass him, the shirt was tastefully done, and was a maroon shade instead of bright red. Scott liked it after he tried it on and thanked Maria for the beautiful job she had done.

Scott was miserable and afraid he haddamaged the relationship they had formed.  Could make amends, “I guess I shouldn’t have teased about lace and ruffles.  Calling him pretty was uncalled for and the laugh...”  Scott shook his head, “I am so sorry.” 

“I know son, but I also know you didn’t mean to hurt your brother’s feelings.”  Murdoch walked over to his son and placed a hand on his shoulder, “I have an idea.” 


Lancer Ranch, February 11th, Wear a White Shirt Day


Johnny woke to a cold morning.  He was still mad that Scott would want him to dress up like some Eastern dandy.  What really hurt was being called pretty and his brother laughing at him. Johnny rolled on to his back and rubbed his eyes.  Well, might as well get it done, Murdoch would be mad if he didn’t wear the damn white shirt.  He had to admit Scott did wear the red one so he guessed he owed his brother, and at least it was just a plain shirt.  “Guess I should be grateful no lace or ruffles,” he grumbled to himself. 

He threw the quilt back, sat on the side of the bed, and looked for his pants. Then he noticed they were neatly folded on his chair as was the white shirt.  Johnny sighed, walked over to the chair and picked up the shirt.  He smiled.

The shirt was embroidered in the same style as his red shirt only the thread was sapphire blue that matched his eyes.  He easily recognized Maria’s handiwork.

Scott and Murdoch were sitting at the kitchen table anxiously waiting for Johnny.  Maria was at the stove, she was also waiting to see her nino.   

All three were relieved when they heard jingling spurs instead stomping boots coming down the back stairs.  A smiling Johnny, wearing the white shirt, entered the kitchen.  He walked to Maria and kissed her cheek, she smiled and patted his chest.  Murdoch grinned and nodded his approval as his younger son sat at his place at the table.  A very nervous Scott waited but Johnny smerked at his brother and put his arm over Scott’s shoulder.

“Thanks Boston.”








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