Scott Is Not Happy
by  EJ


February Holidays and Observances

February 7 is Wear Red Day


February 2014


Lancer Ranch - breakfast in the kitchen February 7th, Wear Red Day

“Aw come on Scott, you’re the one always wantin’ to celebrate these weird holidays and today is wear red.”  Johnny held up and waved a red shirt with black embroidery.  “Maria made this for you.”  He grinned at his brother’s shocked expression. “Hey, you ain’t gonna hurt her feelings are you?”  Johnny turned on his disappointed little boy face, “I can’t believe a fine gentleman like you would hurt a sweet lady like Maria.  You ain’t being a good example to me.”  

Johnny turned toward Murdoch and almost whined, “Hey Papi, Scott ain’t being a good example for me.  Think ya need to talk to my big brother.”  He threw in a pout for good measure.

Murdoch loved it when his sons acted like little boys, especially Johnny.  He cleared his throat, “I do believe your younger brother is right Scott.” He took a sip of his coffee to cover a smile. “You should show your appreciation for Maria’s hard work to make you a very lovely shirt.”  He tried to keep a straight face but failed so he cleared his throat again, “Since this is wear red day I expect you to wear that shirt.”

Scott wasn’t happy and he wondered why Murdoch wasn’t wearing red but knew better than to ask.

“Yeah big brother.” Johnny didn’t even try to cover his victory smile.  “I’m wearing my red shirt.”   Johnny brushed his hand against imaginary lint.

Scott glared at Johnny, “You always wear bright colors and that shirt is pink not red.” 

“It’s red, just a little faded.” Johnny pouted.

“Enough, Scott put on the shirt.”  Murdoch tried to sound angry but his grin gave him away, he was enjoying being in on the banter with his sons.

Scott frowned at his father and glared at his brother but gave up and grabbed the shirt and headed for the back stairs.  Not to give in completely he called over his shoulder,

“Fine, but I still say Johnny’s shirt is pink.”







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