by  EJ

February Challenge: Beauty and the Beast Song Lines

February 2015


(1) Unexpectedly: Murdoch 

Finally the hacienda is quiet with Teresa and the boys in bed and I can relax and enjoy my Scotch. Todayís events were completely unexpected. Never did I expect the boys to arrive together, and I certainly didnít expect their reactions to me. Scott, who looks so like Catherine, was cool and distant. Then there was Johnny, his anger so like Mariaís.

I thought saying the past was in the past would make it easier but instead it seemed to make the meeting more uncomfortable. If only Scott had arrived first, it might have been easier meeting them one on one. But now that I know Maria lied to Johnny about why she left me, I donít think it would matter how or when we met. 

How can we ever come together as a family? 

L * A * N * C * E * R

(2) Neither one prepared: Scott and Johnny 

Scott: I was definitely not prepared for the stranger who turned out to be my brother. Unbelievable, the man wears a pink shirt and silver buttons on his pantís legs. One would never see a man wear that type of clothing in Boston. What worries me the most about this stranger, my brother, is the way the man wears his gun. Heís like the description of gunfighters in one of those horrible dime novels, but then he is a gunfighter. 

The way my brother looked at me with such distain was not exactly welcoming. Definitely not the little brother I always wanted.

When it came to our fatherÖ What kind of welcome is, Ďthe past is in the pastí, is the man that cold? Maybe grandfather was right about my father, but I am not going to give up. I want a chance for a fresh start.

 How can we ever come together as a family?

Johnny: Well, at least the bed is comfortable, canít say that about the rest of the day. Dios, wasnít prepared to find out I have a gringo, Eastern dandy brother. Damn, the man wore plaid pants and that hatÖ sure was tempted to shoot it off his head.  Then the fancy way Boston talkedÖ he sure liked to throw out a lot of fancy words.

The olí man sure wasnít impressed with me, what the hell was, Ďthe past is in the pastí?  Heís got to be kidding, ainít no way Iím forgetting he kicked me and mama out.

Dios, what have I walked into? Donít think weíre gonna make this thing work. 

L * A * N * C * E * R

(3) Finding you can change: Johnny 

Iíve been Madrid most of my life, how am I supposed to act like the past is in the past like Murdoch wants? The olí man just doesnít understand. I know he doesnít like me and he sure as hell doesnít trust me. 

I was surprised Scott accepted me, course he doesnít know how dangerous it is to be close to me. Or maybeÖ maybe he doesnít care. That just ainít too smart. 

I sure never thought I would care about either of them, but I do. Mama lied to me all those years ago and Murdoch sure ainít the bastard I thought he was. Kinda nice knowing he always wanted me, and itís kinda nice too having a big brother. Always wanted one.

Now I have a home, a father, and a brother. I want to change, Iím just not sure how to do it. But at least now Iím not alone, I have familyÖ 

Funny, never thought Iíd use that word. 

L * A * N * C * E * R

(4) Learning you were wrong: Scott

I feel so betrayed; grandfather knew Murdoch always wanted me. 

He deliberately kept me from my father and brother, he fed me lies, and he threatened Murdoch. Worst of all he knew where Johnny was and never told my father. Maybe if Murdoch had known, Johnny would never have been forced into Madrid.

Grandfather has many sins to atone for, and I donít know when Iíll be able to forgive him.

Now I am where I belong; at Lancer with my father and brother. 

I know the truth, and the truth has made me free. 

L * A * N * C * E * R

(5) Tale as old as time: Val 

Iíll be damned, Madrid has a family. Couldíve knocked me over with a feather. He always hated his gringo papi, and now he not only has a gringo father but a gringo brother too. Now olí Murdoch ainít a bad man, hell I even like him-most of the time. Scott, now that was a surprise, he talks real nice and after a full dayís work he still looks neat as a pin, but he sure ainít no dandy. 

One thing I have learned being around them is they care about each other. And every day I see a little less Madrid and a little more Lancer.

Think theyíre gonna make it as a family. 

L * A * N * C * E * R


(6) Tale as old as time: Sam 

At last my old friend has his boys home. I was afraid it would never happen.

Scott  is a fine young man, intelligent, and a former officer in the Union Army. After growing up in Boston, I hope he can adjust to the informality of the West. Murdoch can be very proud of his elder son.

Then there is Johnny, I was horrified when Murdoch told me about the Pinkerton report. Johnny Madrid, my goodness, he had such a formidable reputation. 

Now that I have had time to get to know both boys I am pleased to admit I was wrong about Johnny. The brothers have bonded and have accepted Murdoch as their father. 

Scottís experience as an officer helped him slip into the role of the Patrůnís elder son. Murdoch depends on him more and more everyday, and Scott has suggested some improvements beneficial to the ranch. Not bad for an Easterner with no ranching experience under his belt.

Johnny, well I thought I would never see the happy little boy that was lost to us. It warms my heart to see Johnny let the boy come out, he never had that chance before. When Murdoch yells at him for sliding down the banister, well, there is a twinkle in his eyes that hasnít there for a long time. 

It warms my heart to see my old friend happy.

I know it will take time, they wonít become a family over night. But they are all trying and thatís what matters.

The strangers are becoming a family.


The End





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