Missing Scene from The Experiment
by  EJ


Missing scene or the scene I wish had been in the episode.  Billy’s thoughts as he walks back to the shack after talking to Johnny at the well. Murdoch and Billy have time to talk.


Billy’s thoughts were in turmoil as he slowly walked from the well to the shack. 

Everything, Lancer had said everything, but it hadn’t made sense at the time.  Billy had wondered what could Madrid have to do with an important man like Lancer.

Well he understood now, hell Madrid was the old man’s son. 

Maybe Lancer did want to help.  Johnny had said Lancer was probably here ‘cause of him.  Trying to keep in on the straight and narrow.  Billy grinned at the thought and wondered.  Did Lancer see Billy like he saw Johnny?

When he got back to the shack Billy hesitated at the door and stared at Lancer, was this man really a key to a better life?  For all of them?

Murdoch looked up when he heard someone approach and was surprised to see that it was Billy.

“Damn Lancer, your kid is Johnny Madrid.”   Billy said and shook his head as he entered the shack. 

Murdoch nodded. “How do you know?  Did you know him on the border?”
“Nope, I met him down at the well.  We talked and he said you saved him.  Is that why you’re doing all this?”  He waved his hand toward Ox’s garden. 

“Yes.”  Murdoch whispered.  He wasn’t sure what had happened between Billy and Johnny, and wondered why Johnny was still here instead of back home as Murdoch had ordered.  He was going to have a serious discussion about following orders with a certain son.

“What happened, how did your kid turn into Johnny Madrid?”

“His story was like your story.”  Murdoch sighed, “I hunted for many years but never found him.  Finally last year...”  The hurt was obvious in the older man’s voice.  “He didn’t have anyone but himself for protection so Madrid was born.”

“He said you saved him.  Do you really think you can save us?”  Billy wanted to believe it might be true.

“Yes Billy, I believe there is a chance for a better future.  If I have learned anything from Johnny, it’s that a person can change if they want to.”

Billy nodded his head and started to untie the older man.  Maybe he did have a chance.  Maybe they all did.

A shot rang out.






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