Listening To My Sons
by  EJ


 April 2012


After what seemed like hours pouring over the ledgers Murdoch needed a break.  He decided a ride might invigorate him so he headed for the barn but stopped outside the door when he heard the laughter.  Lancer had been too quiet for too many years but now his son’s were home where they belonged.  He smiled to himself.  Quiet was now a thing of the past.  Murdoch had to admit he enjoyed hearing his sons laugh and tease each other.  While he stayed out of sight and leaned against the barn wall, he heard Johnny tease his brother about wearing boring clothes.  This conversation should be interesting.

“I tell what Boston ya need to add some color to your wardrobe, all that beige makes you blend into to the background.”  Johnny chuckled.

Scott used his best big-brother voice, “Well Johnny, it’s like this, the ladies like a well-dressed and refined gentleman.  And your more flamboyant style...” at this Scott waved his hand toward Johnny’s shirt, “is sometimes overwhelming.”

“Did you just insult me big brother?” Johnny drawled.

Scott adopted a diplomatic tone of voice, “No, it’s just sometimes you should consider dressing down.  I admit this blue shirt isn’t quite your pink one.”

Murdoch noticed that Scott’s voice contained a slight smirk when he said pink. He wanted to laugh at his older son’s comment but controlled it because this was one conversation he wanted to hear.
Anyone who might be watching would be amazed at the big smile on Murdoch’s face.

Johnny laughed, “Well Boston I’ll tell ya, I guess ya could call it dressing down when I shuck my clothes for an evening with the gals at the saloon.”    Then on a more ‘put out’ tone and a world-class pout, “And it aint pink it’s red, just faded a bit.”

Murdoch wasn’t surprised about Johnny and the saloons girls but he did hope Johnny was being careful.  Well that was a talk for later right now he didn’t want to interrupt his boys’ bantering.  This was a great opportunity to learn a little more about Scott and Johnny and some of their activities off Lancer. 

Scott huffed, “That is not dressing down Johnny, that’s undressing.” 

Both boys laughed.   Murdoch struggled to hold back his laughter, he didn’t want to give it away that he was listening.

“Tell ya what Boston, aint had no complaints from the ladies,” Johnny giggled, “They like my tight pants.”  He patted his ass.

“Yes they do brother,” Scott giggled, “I’ve seen the looks they give you when you walk past them.  Even heard more than one girl comment about your posterior.”

“My what?”  Johnny sounded indignant.

“Your ass, little brother.”  Scott chuckled. 

Murdoch was a little shocked that certain women were looking at his son’s butt. 

Johnny snickered, “Yeah I heard ‘em too.”

Murdoch heard what sounded like a playful punch then more laughter.

“Hey Boston I heard one of those gals tellin’ her friend that Scott Lancer has a nice ass too.”  Johnny laughter got louder then muffled as Scott put him in a choke hold.

“Little brother I need to teach you a lesson about respect.”

Murdoch heard what sounded like playful wrestling and then exhausted laughter.  He waited hoping they would start up again.

Then he heard Johnny’s soft drawl, “Hey Boston, I do respect you.”

Then Scott’s voice just as softly, “I know Johnny, and I respect you too.”

Murdoch decided not to interrupt this moment of brotherly bonding.  It was enough that he was able to hear it, best that the boys felt they had some privacy.   Instead he walked back to the hacienda, his heart lighter and any weariness he had felt earlier was gone.  In the great room he poured a scotch and sat in his large leather chair, his life was good. And best of all...

He loved hearing his sons laugh.

The End







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