Legacy Episode
(POV Challenge)

by  EJ


October 2015

Author Note: My original character was not in the episode but was in the hotel dining room when Scott and Johnny came for Harlan.


L * A * N * C * E * R


Setting for my character:

Emelyn Anker demurely dabbed at the corner of her mouth with a cloth napkin. She was watching with some interest the gentleman a few tables from her’s. He nodded politely but made no attempt at conversation. 


POV of what happened in the hotel dining room:

To bad he looked quiet prosperous. I was searching for some excuse to make his acquaintance… when Scott Lancer entered the dining room. 

Young Lancer went straight for the older gentleman and called him… Grandfather. 

Well, that was interesting, not that I’m in any way a busybody, but there was no way I was leaving. So, I looked around for the waitress for another cup of coffee. The hotel’s service left much to be desired; hard to find competent help in small towns.

I couldn’t hear everything but it was obvious the affection the two men held for each other. Then it changed when that gunfighter son of Murdoch Lancer entered the dining room. Scott smiled but the older man was not pleased and the mood definitely cooled when I heard, “Your mother was a foreigner.” 

Obviously, the boy’s mother was Mexican and he’s a half-breed. Poor Murdoch trapped into a marriage with that harlot. There were plenty of decent women he could have chosen after his dear wife Catherine died.

I was afraid the gunfighter was going to shoot the poor gentleman, but then a young lady entered the room. Scott went to her and in a display not suitable for a public area, well… he kissed her and not just a chaste peck on the cheek.

I wasn’t the only one staring at the couple; they did make an attractive pair. The gunfighter interrupted them and teased his brother that he wanted to meet her. He obviously had no concept of manners and his behavior was unacceptable, but Scott saved it from becoming a bigger spectacle.

Scott escorted the young lady from the dining room followed by the older gentleman. When he started to lean down… Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather, the gunfighter picked up the gentleman’s valise. 

Maybe Murdoch had drummed some manners into the boy, heaven knows with his background there was a need for it. Scott is such a refined young man, educated, war hero, and a fine representative for Lancer Ranch. Many a young girl was going to be disappointed if Scott was no longer available as husband material. 

Then there’s the gunfighter… He was needed while that horrible Pardee was terrorizing the area but now that that awful affair is ended… Well, he should have had the good sense to leave. No one wants him around. What if he brings more gunfighters? I so worry about poor Teresa being in the same house with him. Murdoch should known better.

It’s outrageous what they charge for a simple breakfast, a widow woman like me needs to watch her money. I had to go, I had a busy day ahead. Maybe I should talk to Murdoch, show him the errors of his ways allowing that half-breed gunfighter to stay at Lancer.

Well, the next time Murdoch Lancer is in town, I will make a point to talk to him. Things needed to be said and points made, the disreputable elements must be eliminated. 

The gunfighter must go. 







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