July Holiday - Celebration of the Horse Day
by  EJ


Johnny didn’t trust easily, for that matter he rarely trusted. After all the times he had been disappointed and hurt he wasn’t about to start now.   But that first day...

Into his life came that special being that he knew he could trust, and trust he did. 

Johnny smiled as he watch the golden horse prance in the corral, Barranca shook his head and the white mane blew in the wind.   The horse was magnificent, the best horse he ever had and the smartest.  Johnny never tired of watching Barranca.

As Johnny approached the corral Barranca trotted to him, hung his head over the rail and nudged Johnny’s chest for the apple.  “Hey boy.” Johnny rubbed the golden head and brought the apple out from behind his back.  “Would I let you down?” Johnny laughed as Barranca chomped on his treat.

Man and horse, partners.

Johnny smiled and rested his head against Barranca’s head.  They stood quietly, comfortable in each others presence.

Yep, he was happy and he had a partner he could trust forever.






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