Fireside Chat
by  EJ

Murdoch and Sam (after the Surprise trip)

It had been a long day, and finally Murdoch and Sam could sit quietly by the fireplace and enjoy their drinks. 

Supper was done and the house was quiet at last.  Now days that only happened after the boys finally headed for bed.  Everyone had been wound-up from the trip and the evening had been filled with stories and lots of laughter.  But Murdoch found he didn’t mind his peace being disturbed, the house had been silent for too many years.

Murdoch looked over at his friend and smiled at the older man, Sam was still grinning ear to ear at Johnny’s latest adventure.

Sam chuckled again, took another sip of his drink, and then shook his head, “Only Johnny could could turn a Shakespearean play into a gunfight.  And he actually stopped the play!”

“Yes,” Murdoch could laugh about it now, “It’s a good thing he wasn’t wearing his gun or it would have been Johnny Madrid killing MacBeth.”

Sam looked at Murdoch and started laughing again.  

“Ya know Murdoch,  I think in American theater that ending might work.”





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