Every Man Has His Price

(April Proverb Challenge)
by  EJ


A frowning Johnny sat in his padded chair, still mad that Sam ordered him to stay in his bedroom.  Johnny huffed at his confinement, he was fine and healed better if allowed up and moving.   Hell he thought, it’s not like he’s never been shot in the back before. 

So he sat and stared out his bedroom window to make sure the world was still there waiting for him.  When the sun glinted on something gold Johnny’s face lit up, contented he watched his shiny palomino horse prancing in the corral. 

Johnny remembered hearing a priest say, ‘that every man has his price’.  He smirked and knew as Madrid he had been the best and demanded the big money. 

Johnny shook his head and thought about the changes in his life. In these last few weeks he learned the truth about his father, found a brother, and realized that maybe price didn’t mean money.  

Yep, now as Johnny Lancer, he knew exactly what that price was… 








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