"My Brother is Not Disreputable!"
by  EJ

(A challenge idea from Janet Brayden)  Finally had an idea for this as a drabble.

“He is.”

“No, he is not.”

“How can you say that?  You know who and what he is.”

“And...your opinion is based on what?”

“His reputation.  What else do I need to know?”

“You need to know that he is an honorable man, and he is always willing to help anyone who needs help.”

Mayor Higgs shakes his head.

“Seems I remember my brother and Val saved your town from being robbed.  You and the other upstanding business men threw my brother to the wolves because you were taken in by lies and flattery.”

“Well...we were all taken in…” Mayor Higgs stumbled over his words.

“Yes your were.  And I might add, by a man that you and the others in town all believed was an honorable man.  So Mayor Higgs what does that say about your ability to judge who is and who isn’t an asset to the community?”

“How dare you.”

“Yes, I dare.”  Scott glared at the smaller man.  Then he laughed.

Mayor Higgs blanched when he heard Scott’s parting words.

“Wonder how Johnny Madrid would feel about Johnny Lancer being called disreputable?”






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