Could Only Happen to Johnny
by  EJ


August 2012

After reading Jennifer’s
One Night Only and, after I stopped laughing this little story popped in my mind.  The result is Jennifer’s fault (in a good way) and if you like it thank Jennifer for her inspiration.


Johnny tied Barranca to the hitching rail and headed into the Widow Hargis’ store.  He pulled the lists from Murdoch and Teresa out of his pocket and called out, “Anybody here?”

That was when he felt an object smack the back of his head and as he fell everything went black.

Johnny slowly became aware but kept his eyes closed and tried to figure where he was, an old trick that saved him in the past.  He noticed a sweet, heavy smell, like some of the perfume the old ladies wore.  Next he noticed he was in a bed, a really soft bed, and…Dios...he was tied hands and feet to the bedposts.  Johnny tried to stay calm and cracked his eyes to peek around the room.  The wallpaper was covered with flowers, the windows had lacy curtains, and there were little statues on every surface.

Suddenly he realized he was naked, tied to a bed, and no idea where he was or who did this to him.  Okay, stay calm Madrid and figure out how to get out of this.  Then he heard a creak and looked toward the door, there sat the Widow Hargis slowly rocking in her chair and starring at him.  He was more than a little shocked at the predatory look in the old lady’s eyes.  Okay this can’t be good he thought as he tugged at the ropes binding his hands.

She smiled at him, he considered it more of a leer.   The Widow rose and walked toward him, she was, well he wasn’t sure what.  Then she sat on the bed close enough that her bony hip touched his muscular one.

Johnny continued to try to twist loose but she had tied him good and there was no getting away.

When he started to talk she put her finger to his lips and shook her head.

Then she lowered her hand to his chest and rubbed small circles, all the time her hand moved lower and lower until…

“NOOOOOO……..” Johnny yelled and fought to ropes tying him to the bed.


Sam tried to keep his patient in bed but Johnny was stronger.

The door burst open and Scott rushed to his brother’s bed, “Johnny, Johnny, it’s okay, just a nightmare.”  Scott held Johnny’s shoulders to keep his injured brother in bed. 

Sam nodded his thanks.

Just then another bang as Murdoch rushed in from his room, “What happened?”

“It’s okay Murdoch he had a nightmare.  At least his fever is down.” Sam said as he placed a damp cloth on Johnny’s head.

Scott sat beside his brother, “What was it about, you sounded terrified.”

Johnny removed the cloth from his head and took a deep breath, “I don’t want to talk about it… was awful.”


The End






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