Boy Are We in Trouble Now
by  EJ


November 2013


“I told you not to, but do you listen to your big brother?” Scott growled as he sagged to the barrel and leaned against the wall.  “No you don’t!”  Scott raised his hands in the air then dropped them to his lap in frustration. 

“Hey Scott, take it easy all we gotta do is keep outta his way till he calms down.” Johnny panted and leaned against the wall. He still had his gun out and it hung at his side ready for action.  

“That’s your great plan wait till he calms down?”  Scott snapped back, he was a hair’s breath away from grabbing the hoe next to him and beating his brother over the head. “Well, he looked really mad to me and I don’t think he is going to calm down anytime soon.”  

“Yeah he will. We just gotta lay low for now.”  Johnny peeked around the corner of the building, “Okay it’s clear let’s go.”

Together they dodged their way to the stable but constantly looked over their shoulders just in case.  When they reached the livery stable they silently slipped in the back door and headed for their horses.  They stopped dead in their tracks when the barn door suddenly banged open.  

Slowly they peeked over their shoulders.  “We’re dead.” Scott whispered.  Johnny just grinned.

“Don’t even think about it amigo.”  Val pointed his gun in Johnny’s direction then turned his gun toward Scott.  “Scott just move on over next to Johnny.”  Val growled.  When they didn’t move fast enough he shot his gun in the air.  

Both men jumped at the loud bang and cautiously moved closer together.  Johnny was no longer smiling and Scott looked ready to shoot his brother and save the Val the effort.

A very angry sheriff glared at the two delinquents.  “Raise your hands and head on over to the jail.” Val was in no mood for anymore foolishness, “Now or I may just shoot y’all right here for resisting’ arrest.”

Scott glowered at Johnny, “We better go, I don’t feel like getting shot.”  When Johnny hesitated again Scott brusquely grabbed his brother’s arm and forced him out the door and in to the street.  

“And you, little brother, are going to be the one to explain all this mess to Murdoch.”  An irate Scott snarled as he continued to drag Johnny toward the jail.

The citizens of Green River lined the street and chuckled as they watched the trio head for the jail.  A few of the women covered their ears as the sheriff loudly grumbled about trouble makers. A few even commented that it would be another show once the Lancer patriarch arrived to take custody of his errant sons, one that they wouldn’t want to miss.  

On the boardwalk and off to the side of the crowd of onlookers, the Widow sat in her rocker and smiled.  She knew Murdoch would be mad that he had to bail out Johnny, again.  Especially his older son, Scott, he was always so proper.   However, she knew he enjoyed those little moments of being a parent to naughty sons.  


The End





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