Big Brother-Little Brother
by  EJ


Scott watched Johnny working Barranca in the corral, it was like they were one they way they moved.  He never tired of watching Johnny work the horses and when he rode Barranca it was poetry in motion.

"What do you think Boston?  Barranca's the best horse I've ever owned."  Johnny rode up to his brother and lovingly scratched the horse's neck.

"Very impressive, Barranca has you well trained." Scott smirked at the irritated look on Johnny' face.  "He really makes you look good little brother."

Disgusted, Johnny dismounted and walked Barranca into his stall.  Scott followed and watched Johnny brush the golden coat till it shined.  Then he reached into the private stash of apples, "Don't tell Teresa I've been snitching her apples or I'll have to shoot ya."  Johnny threw the comment over his shoulder as he walked past Scott and handed the treat to Barranca.

"Don't worry, I will keep your secret." Scott caught up with Johnny and placed his arm over his brother's shoulders.  "However as your older, wiser, and more handsome brother I feel I should advise you concerning your penchant for purloining of apples.  When the supply dwindles so does the availability of desserts." Scott smirked and waited for Johnny's response, he knew he would be asked what Scott was talking about.

"What the hell ya talking about Boston?" Johnny shook his head and shrugged Scott's arm off his shoulders.

"I'm saying, little brother, if you keep stealing apples Teresa won't be able to make pies."

"That's okay, I don't care about pies as long as she keeps making those chocolate cakes.  You and Murdoch are the ones who eat those pies and cheese."  Johnny smirked at Scott, "Pie and cheese is weird."

Johnny took off running to the house with Scott hot on his heels.

Johnny rushed through the French doors and slammed into Murdoch, which caused him to bounce backwards and slam into Scott before he could catch his balance.  Murdoch looked down at his two sons lying in a pile at his feet. "Dare I ask what is going on?"

"Sorry Sir, Johnny and I were having a discussion." Scott pushed his brother off and accepted Murdoch's extended hand.

"Nothin' Murdoch." Johnny rolled off Scott and stood out of his father's reach.

"I see, and what were you two discussing that involved a chase?" Murdoch enjoyed watching his sons squirm but he didn't want to laugh.  He wasn't going to let them relax yet, "Well?"

Scott and Johnny peeked at each other, Scott figured he better take the lead, "Well sir, actually…I was commenting to Johnny about his prowess as a horseman."

Johnny shook his head only Scott would use highfaluting words to say he rides good but it looked like Murdoch might buy it so he kept quiet.

Scott smiled, "You should have seen him putting Barranca through his paces, it was amazing."

"And why did this lead to a chase?" Murdoch kept up the façade.

"I teased him about Barranca training him instead of the other way around." Scott looked at Johnny and winked.

Murdoch noticed the wink but decided not to comment.  "You were chasing Johnny so what else was being discussed?"  He struggled to keep from laughing.

"Well sir, we were wondering what Teresa planned for supper and what dessert she fixed for us.  Johnny wanted chocolate cake and I wanted apple pie.  Then Johnny said I was weird because I like cheese with my pie." Scott sighed and continued, "So I chased him."

Johnny stared at Scott and thought 'what the hell is he thinking?  The ol' man won't fall for that load of shit even if is was part truth.'

Scott on the other hand stood erect and waited for the explosion.  He knew the explanation was inane but he didn't want to out right lie to his father so he came up with half-truths.  Purloined apples were not to be mentioned or that Murdoch was also considered weird.

"Very well, however I don't think future…discussions should result in similar results." Murdoch turned and went to the drink cart.

"Fuck Boston what the hell was that all about and why bring up the apples?" Johnny whispered.  Murdoch was staring to sound like Scott with all the fancy words.

"Caution little brother, remember Murdoch's rule about language." Scott smirked and joined his father at the drink cart.

Johnny shrugged and walked to the cart and poured some tequila into a big glass.

Teresa walked into the great room and announced supper was ready.

Murdoch decided to torment his sons a little longer, "Teresa the boys were wondering what you are serving for supper and what you made for dessert."

Johnny and Scott brought their drinks to the table and took their seats on either side of Murdoch.  Neither one was comfortable with the subject of dessert.

Teresa smiled at them and sipped her lemonade.  "Well we are having steaks, potatoes, peas, biscuits, and for dessert chocolate cake."

Johnny grinned at Scott and took a drink just as Teresa announced she was going to make apple pie but when she went to the pantry the apples were gone.

Johnny started to choke and spit his tequila across the table hitting Scott in the chest.

Shocked Scott jumped up and bumped Teresa's lemonade causing it to spill in her lap.

Teresa screamed and when she tried to avoid the spill she caught the tablecloth, which sent the dishes onto Murdoch and Johnny's laps.

Murdoch stared at the mess in his lap and glared at his younger son.

Johnny looked at the disaster that was once their supper and began banging his head on the table.

Maria heard Teresa scream and ran into the dining room but when she saw the mess she fled to the kitchen.


Johnny sat on his bed his hair was still wet from his bath and he was cold.  He rubbed his forehead and the lump that had formed.  It had been the supper from hell and Murdoch was really pissed at him.

Scott knocked on the door them walked in without an invitation.  "You okay Johnny?"

"Yeah Boston, at least is was ear blistering instead of butt blistering." Johnny lay down on his bed pulled the quilt over his head.

"Johnny I'm sorry you got most of the blame for supper, it wasn't fair of Murdoch." Scott sat on the bed and rubbed his brother's back.

Johnny peeked out from under the quilt, "It's okay Boston, if I hadn't spit my tequila on you…and if Teresa hadn't talked about missin' apples…hell it was all my fault."  He went back under the quilt.  "I just want to go to sleep." his voice muffled by the cover.

"Alright Johnny, but I'll be helping you with the extra chores." Scott patted the bump he was sure was Johnny's head.  "Good night brother."  Scott headed for the door.

"Night Boston and thanks."  Johnny snuggled deeper into his bed.

As he drifted off to sleep he decided from now on Barranca's treats would be carrots.


The End






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