Call of the Wheel

By Dori 

This drabble depicts a missing scene from the episode Cut the Wolf Loose.


“Keep that wheel turning!”  Scott’s attention—his entire focus—centered on the numbers he was manipulating mentally.  Feverishly he arranged his chips.  “Four… number seven…and number twelve.  Here we go!”

“Scott?”  Johnny approached his brother.

“Yeah, Johnny, what can I do for you?”  Absorbed in his game, Scott barely spared him a glance.

Surrounded by the rowdy crowds and commotion of the gaudy street fair, the younger man relied on body language—leaning close and touching his brother’s back lightly—to convey the significance of his request.

“I need somebody to talk to.”   

Those subtle, unspoken clues were totally wasted on the gambler.   He was in the throes of his obsession.  “Well, not right now—not right now, because I got my system worked out here and if everything works right I’ll …….”

“Hey, it’s important!”

Scott’s flippant reply—a smart remark about the wheel being important—died on his lips when he took a moment to really look at his brother.  With a decisive motion he pushed his chips toward the dealer.


The two men walked off together, leaving the all-important wheel behind. 

“So, Brother, what’s on your mind?”

“I think I’m in love…..”  



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