WHN: Foley
by  Deborah



Scott held back as the rest of his family said goodbye to Polly and Martha.   They were in a buggy driven by one of the Lancer hands heading to Cross Creek to catch the train.  After his family had finished Scott came forward and kissed Polly and the baby on their cheeks.  As he did he pressed a roll of bills into Polly’s hand.

            “It’s for the baby.”  Scott said in a low voice.  “You are one brave woman, Polly.  Write me when you get settled and good luck.”   Polly smiled her eyes tearing up.  “Thank you so much for helping me, Scott.”

            Scott smiled his smile lighting up his face and eyes.  “Years of training, remember?”  Polly smiled and nodded and waved good-bye.  Murdoch and Teresa went back to the house.  Scott watched the buggy disappear.  Johnny came up and stood beside Scott.           

            “It ain’t true what you said the other day, Boston” Johnny said out of the blue. 

            Scott looked quizzically at his brother.  “What’s that?” 

            “That you are a born loser.”  Johnny said looking sideways at his brother. 

            Scott half smiled.   “I don’t think you felt that way the other day, brother.”  He said simply. 

            Johnny looked down.  “No I didn’t think Polly was worth risking our lives over.  But she changed my mind.  She has changed so much since I knew her, Scott.” 

            “Change is difficult thing, Johnny.”  Scott said in a kind voice with a smirk on his face.  “I know someone who has made a major change in his life.  But, I am a born loser to think that everyone can change like Polly and this person I know.   Not everyone has the strength of character and the guts to change like Polly and my acquaintance.   I am a bit gullible and I am going to have to work on that.” 

            Johnny’s smile lit up his face.  “Acquaintance, huh?” 

            Scott nodded, his eyes serious, and put his hand on his brother’s shoulder.   “The most important one in my life.”  Scott said firmly.






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