A House Full of Grandchildren
by  Debbie R


Murdoch and Scott were in disbelief as they read the Pinkerton Report; they could not believe Johnny could have a wife and five children. As Johnny was recuperating from his gunshot wound, all Murdoch could think of is his grandchildren. He remembers teasing Johnny that he needed to give him a house full of grandchildren.


Gabriella was missing Johnny, but she was so happy Luke had found her and the kids. It was Connorís 8th birthday and she was thinking back to when she was pregnant with Connor.

Her only family member was her father who beat her and threw her out in the street when he found out she was carrying Johnny Madridís baby.  He called her a whore and told her never to return. Johnny found her lying outside the saloon, her body badly beaten.  Johnny wanted to kill her father but Gabriella pleaded not to harm him.

Johnny was in bed and remembered it was his son Connorís birthday; it seemed a life time ago when he met Gabriella and had Connor.  Gabriella was the most beautiful girl Johnny had ever laid eyes on, her dark hair and blue eyes and her body made him feel like he was on fire. The first time he saw her he knew he had to have her; he needed her to put out that fire that was raging in him. When he saw the blood, he then realized what he had done. He had not known she was a virgin, he felt her tears touch his face. They had been at the lake on a picnic, one thing led to another.

Gabriella gave birth nine months later to Connor, then one year late she gave birth to Cole and a year later she had the twins Coty and Cory. She and Johnny were going through a difficult time, she heard the gossip in town about him and the Saloon girls, but when she was pregnant with the twins and went to town she saw him kissing Lucy who worked at the dress store. She was hurt by him.

Gabriella was so depressed she had just come from the doctor when he gave her the news that she was pregnant again.  She decided she wasnít going to tell Johnny until he noticed. 


Gabriella said to the kids, letís go on a picnic to the lake, Gabriella always loved the lake; she thought it would take her mind off of Johnny and her pregnancy.  She packed lunches and a blanket loaded the wagon and off they went. 

When they arrived at the lake, she was shocked to see Johnny and Lucy they were doing more than kissing.  Johnny hadnít seen them of course being too busy and luckily the kids hadnít seen him. She left the lake to go home; kidís mamma is not feeling too well.  We will have a picnic at home. 


That night when Johnny finally came home, the boys were so happy to see him.  They boys adored Johnny and Johnny was so in love with the boys.  Always rough housing with them and they loved it. Finally when the boys were asleep Gabriella went bed, she was exhausted the boys had worn her out. 

Johnny came to bed and reached for her, Gabriella pulled away.  Not tonight John. Dios Gabriella what is wrong with you, you barely spoke to me tonight and now you donít want me touching you. John Iím just not feeling well please not tonight.

Gabriella I need to talk to you, Iíve been hired out to be a gunslinger in Mexico.  Iím taking the job we can use the money. Iíll leave enough supplies for you and the boys until I get back.  If you need anything see the sheriff in Green River his name is Val and he owes big time.


The next morning Johnny was gone early before the boys woke up.  He went into their room and kissed them goodbye. She pretended she didnít hear him leaving; she was sorry they didnít make love before he left.

Seven month later, Cassidy was born on a stormy summer night, Gabriella was in hard labor 24 hours, just when Gabriella could hold on no longer Cassidy came into the world. She was a reminder of Johnny the dark hair and the blue eyes.


Gabriella and the children were just getting by, Johnny periodically would send some money and a note, but that had suddenly that stopped.  Val would drop off supplies and he gave her the news he heard about Johnny being locked up in a prison in Mexico and was going to be executed.

Gabriella was so angry at him why did he leave her and the kids, for what to fight a range war.  She was busy with Cassidy who was sick; he should have been here to help her with the kids.  Cassidyís fever was not breaking she wrapped her up in a blanket and the boys were following her to the doctor, when she collapsed. 

That was when she met Luke, he saved them and she was ever so grateful to him.  She finally had someone to take care of them and help raise her children. Luke was a good man and they shared a good life.

But things would soon change the day Murdoch and Scott came to Lukeís ranch. They told her Johnny was alive and he was living on Lancer. Murdoch was Johnnyís father and that Scott was his brother who also lived on Lancer.  They were there to take her and the kids to Johnny.  Gabriella had tears when she heard Johnny was alive but was also angry at him and did not want to go with Murdoch.  Murdoch told her he would do everything in his power to get custody of the children and have them live with his family on Lancer.

Luke was devastated and couldnít even look at her, Gabriella you never said your husband was alive.  You no longer can stay here.  Itís just not right.  Please pack up yours and the kids belongings and be out of here as soon as possible. 

Gabriella had no choice then but to go with Murdoch and Scott to Lancer, she gathered their belongings told the children they were leaving. She told them that Murdoch and Scott were their kin and we were going to live with them at their ranch. She told them about Johnny being their papa and living at the ranch.  She told Murdoch we also need to take the childrenís dog Bandit.


Johnny was finally out of bed, wondering where Murdoch and Scott we off to in the morning.  In the late afternoon he saw them approaching the arch and noticed a wagon with children and dog in it and then he saw Scott and Gabriella in the wagon with the children. Johnny couldnít believe it.

When the wagon pulled up Johnny lifted Gabriella and the children out.  As he went to kiss her she pulled away.  He couldnít believe how much the boys had grown and who was the little girl. They didnít know who he was. 

Gabriella, told the children this is your papa Johnny, remember the one I told you stories about. Johnny these are the boys Connor, Cole, Coty and Cory and also our little girl Cassidy. 

We are now going to live here with your papa.  Johnny hugged the kids he couldnít believe how much they had grown, and picked up his little girl and kissed her.  Johnny had always wanted a daughter and now he finally had one.  He smiled and thought his family being here on Lancer, it felt like a dream.

Gabriella said, The Pinkerton men found us and Murdoch brought us to the ranch. Johnny was carrying in their things, John I would prefer if the children and I slept together until we get adjusted to life here.

Gabriella I know you are angry with me, Iím sorry I should have never left you and the boys why didnít you tell me you were pregnant before I left?  Maybe I would have stayed.  She said Johnny you know you wouldnít have stayed the only person you always thought about was yourself.

Please put my things in the childrenís room we are all tired from the trip and would like to nap before dinner. 

Gabriella you are my wife and the only bed you will be sleeping in is my bed.  So let me show where that bed is. I know you are angry with me, but Iíll make it up to you. Iíll show you just how much I missed you.

Gabriella was too tired to argue with Johnny; she put her head down on his pillow and was asleep.  Johnny made sure the kids were settled and napping in their rooms. He then went into his room and laid beside Gabriella, he missed her, his heart and his body wanted her, he wanted her to look at him like she did before and wanted him. 

Gabriella woke up and saw Johnny lying beside her, she tried quietly getting up hoping not to wake him, but he was not sleeping and he pulled her back on the bed.  He kissed her, she kissed him back her tears touched his face, he wiped the tears off, she said Johnny I missed you so much, I never stopped thinking of you. Gabriella the thing I missed most was making love to you.

Johnny heard the kids knocking on the door, mamma can we come in. Johnny knew there would be a lot to get adjusted to, and he will have to let the kids know about the new sleeping arrangements with their mamma. He yelled out to them your mamma is busy.


Johnny, Gabriella and the kids was adjusting to life on Lancer; Murdoch had a lot of rules for everyone to follow. Everyone once in a while Murdoch has to remind someone that he calls the tune.

Dinner at Lancer was the most special time, the kids are always excited to see the Lancer men, and they tell what they did for the day.  Murdoch smiles and said Johnny Iím glad you gave me a house full of grandchildren. Son my life was empty, for this gift Iím grateful to you!!






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