Sex On A Stick
by  d.b.brisbin


He hadnít had one for a long while.  His fingers gently guided it as he slid it in between moist soft lips, making sure to avoid any teeth, prolonging the pleasure he sought.   Pushing and pulling, sliding it back and forth, back and forth, through the lips made it moist and slippery.  It occasionally received gentle caresses from a soft, wet, tongue, making it more slippery, and enhancing his pleasure that much more.  Occasionally, the tongue would massage or lick it, giving him small bursts of irresistible pleasure.  Sucking on it, well . . .  

Hearing his fatherís heavy steps, Johnny quickly pulled it out, every bit of the sticky wetness immediately sucked away, leaving it dry.  Just as the barn door opened, he rolled the soft peppermint stick back in the brown paper wrapping and stuck it in his pocket.  He didnít want Murdoch to catch him actually enjoying the candy the olí man had left in his Christmas stocking.


Wishing you all good times during the holiday season!







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