No Regrets
by  d.b.brisbin


This was written in response to a challenge about Johnny’s Tan Lines.   




To think, it had all started with a tan line.  That one little difference in skin color had cost her, her virginity.  If her father found out, there would be hell to pay all the way round.

Such a harmless thing, she never thought about it as being dangerous, but now, here she lay, naked, a soiled dove, wrapped in his arms, as he dozed quietly. 

Would he marry her?  No.  Would he respect her?  Only time would tell.  Would he tell the other boys?  Never.  Would she tell the girls?  Probably not.  It was their little secret. 

Was she in love with him?  Not really.  She knew herself too well to know that that was one emotion she did not have for him, but lust?  Weeell. 

She had only meant to be sure he had lunch and to take him some of the fresh lemonade she had made.  He had been there, shirtless, revealing some of the worst scars she had ever seen. 


When he bent over to pick up another fence post, she got a tiny glimpse of the tan line on his lower back that ran between his back and his compact, tight, muscular buttocks.  The line was just barely above the beginning of the crevasse of his hard as a rock butt.  Just the thought of it, was causing her lower regions to stir again. 

He stood up and she blushed.  He knew she had been staring at him. More of a gentleman than she had heard he was, he said nothing.  He smiled, took the glass of lemonade from her, and their fingers touched.  It was then that their eyes met and held each other’s gaze until he broke it by twisting to his side and placing the hammer on the wagon bed. 

Her eyes had glanced down and she saw the same tan line on the front side of him as the lighter skin pulled above his belt buckle when he turned.  She could see his navel and a line of dark hair that trailed from there to there, a place she’d never dared before today. 

He had downed the lemonade and turned to place the glass on the wagon.  She reached out to take the glass and he had taken her hand.  He had pulled it to his mouth and kissed it ever so softly with those velvety lips.  “Thank you for the lemonade.  How come I’ve never seen you in town before?”  He had let their hands drop down, but he was still holding hers.

They had stood and talked, just holding hands.  She didn’t know how long it had been, time had seemed to stop.  She knew he could tell she was attracted to him, that little corner of his mouth had remained turned up, and his eyes. Oh, his eyes, dancing with light, were so amused, and dangerous, and comforting all at the same time. 

It had seemed completely natural as he gently tugged on her hand.  Her body had responded on its own, reducing the distance between them to the width of his chest hair.  In fact, part of her was in contact with that double buckled belt that he wore. 

That close, she could feel the heat of his body, and as she glanced down in a brief moment of shyness, she had swallowed hard as she watched a drop of sweat run down his chest, and disappear below that belt line, along that line of hair beneath his navel. 

She might be a virgin, but she was not ignorant of the facts.  She knew what danger lurked there, as well as the dangers of thinking about it.

When she looked back up, he smiled at her, revealing the most perfect white teeth she had ever seen. 

Suddenly, his other hand was under her chin, tilting it upwards and closer to those lips, and those lips were getting closer and closer to hers.  When they met, she thought she would melt into the ground. 

He acknowledged her consent after a few moments by slipping his tongue into her mouth.  That had been the final straw.  Her body sparked with heat so intense, she thought it would consume the both of them. 

He pulled her tight against him and she could feel his chest against her breasts, causing her nipples to become hard and erect, with a sensitivity they had never felt. 

When her lower body came against the large bulge in his pants, well, there weren’t words for that feeling.  Suddenly she felt wet below, but she couldn’t get enough of him.  She wanted to eat him up, to pull him inside her.  The feeling was so strong.

As their tongues continued to entwine, there was equal pulling and pressing on both their parts to get closer together, trying to blend into one. 

Finally, he pulled back from her, breathing heavy, he looked at her, a little hesitant, but suggested they sit down on blanket that he snatched from the back of the wagon, one handed.  With a flick of the wrist it had floated out and down onto the ground.  They had followed it, desperate to regain contact. 

Moments later, his hands were on her breasts and she thought she would die if his hands couldn’t actually feel them.  Her own hands were on their way up his chest, feeling the hardness of his muscles and then her thumbs raked across his nipples and their hardness caused her to become more wet. 

It was as if he read her mind.  Suddenly, his fingers, ‘Oh God they were so nimble’, had deftly and quickly unbuttoned her dress and freed her breasts from their prison of fabric.  His touch was gentle, and sent a fire up her spine and down through her belly, all the way to there again.

When those velvety lips touched her breast, she had let out a gasp, and for a moment was embarrassed, until she realized it had pleased him.  Moments later, she found herself on her back, as his tongue teased her breasts.  Her hands ran through his long black hair, wanting more.

Only when she felt his hand run down her side and brush lightly across her inner thigh, did she realize that her dress lay opened and to each side of her, revealing her body to him.  Nothing had ever felt so good.

So lost was she in him, that when he leaned over her and looked her in the eye and asked, “Are you sure about this?” That she didn’t even realize that she had pulled him down to her and stuck her own tongue in his mouth, causing her to feel the mound below his belt grow even larger.

She had already undone his belt buckle and was working on the buttons of his fly before she realized it.  Her normally quick efficient fingers met difficulty.  Then, his hand encountered hers, as he unbuttoned the uncooperative fly. 

She squeezed her hand down between the tight leather over those buttocks, the tightness and compact size of them, exciting her even more.  But when her hand moved around to his front and felt him, well, she knew then exactly what she wanted.  God, but he was big and hard.  The light gasp he let out at her touch let her know he ached for her as much as she ached for him.

Another brief moment of disconnection as he stood and pulled the tight leather pants off.  She couldn’t take her eyes off him.  The sight of him, all of him, sent a longing to her loins that was primal and unfamiliar to her.

He joined her on the ground again, another deep pining kiss, his hand on her breast and sliding down her body.  She shivered. 

His hand between her legs was pure heaven.  It covered all of her and she could feel herself literally dripping with desire.  He left it there for a moment, its warmth stoking a wild fire.  Eventually, he gave her the lightest massage there before his fingers had entered her, a place nothing or no one had ever gone before.  She had pressed herself even closer to him, hooking one leg over his, wanting them deeper. 

When he withdrew them, she heard herself whisper, “Please” to him.  Then, his fingers found that special place, and brought her to heights of ecstasy she had never known. 

When his tongue went there, well, it was almost unbearable.  She heard herself moaning with the pleasure, unable to stop. 

When he stopped and eased back up next her he whispered in her ear, “Still sure?”  She had turned and pulled him towards her, her leg once again seeking to wrap around him again.  This time, he rolled her onto her back and covered her with his body. 

He pulled her hand down to him and she could feel the size and hardness of him, and instinct took over as she spread her legs, lifting her hips that slight bit and guided him inside of her. 

He was slow and gentle upon entry.  It was strange how she could feel him inside and could feel when he met resistance there.  She wanted him so much deeper inside her, was that as far as he could go?

His eyes had found hers, his hand stroking her cheek, “this might hurt a bit.”

“It’s okay.”  She had whispered back.

He had been so gentle at first, just until the barrier had broken and he had made some exploratory plunges inside, but the fire inside of her burned out of control.  She had wrapped her legs around him, begging him for more, until they found that cherished moment of ecstasy. 

Exhausted, after parting, he had pulled her to him and she had snuggled against him, her backside against his front, his arm draped over her.  Moments later, she heard his light rhythmic breathing.  Then she had drifted off herself.


Now, here she lay, no longer chaste, over a simple little difference in skin color.  That was all it had taken to give herself to him. 

She had no regrets. -------------d.b.brisbin, May 2010







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