The Long and the Short Of It: A 'Scripted' Lancer Drabble
by  Helen M. Cooper [Coop]

 March 2012 

Disclaimer:  A little bit of naughtiness that I just couldnít resist 

With much thanks to Martha Shafer Strock for suggesting the title!



Johnny: "Whoa, you're kidding me! Fifteen inches?! FIFTEEN inches?

Scott: "Yep, you heard right my little brother. Fifteen inches...fully extended of course..."

Johnny: "Well, of course... "

Scott: "You don't believe me?"

Johnny: "Well, it's just.... well.... Iíve never seen one that size before..."

Scott: "Well, how many have you seen? I wouldn't have thought you'd have come across many in your travels...especially down on the border?"

Johnny: "You'd be surprised what I've seen brother..."

Scott: "Well, I can show you mine if you like?"

Johnny: "What? Here? Now?!"

Scott: "Well of course not here.... later. Tonight...come to my room after dark. I'll get it out then. I may even let you touch it. But only if you promise to be careful.... Iím, naturally, very protective of it."

Johnny: "Well, yeah.... figures..."

Scott:" Oh, and don't tell Teresa. You know how inquisitive she can be. If she finds out about it, well, she'll want to have a look and get her hands on it...."

Johnny:" I'll bet a few women have..."

Scott: "What?"

Johnny: " Had their hands on it..."

Scott: "Well, not that I am one to boast you understand...but yes.... Iíve shown it to a few ladies in my time."

Johnny: "What about that one.... wotís her name...Barbara?"

Scott: "Ah yes, Barbara.... I have some very fond memories of our nighttime explorations together...she couldn't keep her hands off it. And she was a very willing pupil, I can tell you. Very eager to learn.... "

Johnny: " I'll bet...and you were, of course, a very willing teacher?"

Scott: "Naturally.  So, my room? After dark? I promise you, what you'll see will amaze really is one of a kind.

Johnny: "That so?"

Scott: "Well, I've yet to see another like it.  It's perfectly proportioned."

Johnny: "I'll believe it when I see it..."

Scott: "You'll be impressed, I can assure you. And remember, no letting on to Teresa. I got it all the way from Boston in one piece and I want it to stay that way...I don't think she's quite mature enough yet to handle something like this..."

Johnny: "Whatever you say brother. Well.... best go and pick up those supplies Murdoch ordered. Else he'll have my hide.. I'll see you back at the ranch...and I tell you brother, it better be worth seeing...if you've been exaggerating...

Scott: "Oh it'll be worth it my little brother, don't you worry.....I can guarantee you'll be overcome with awe...

And so Scott headed back off to Lancer, whistling a happy tune looking forward to introducing his little brother to all the wonderful things you could find in the night..............

sky, with a telescope.
Tsk tsk, now what did you THINK they were talking about?!      


Coop J  March 2012






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