by  dog

Running, running….rabbit…rabbit….gonna get you rabbit…
What? What?
What in tarnation was that noise?
Who slammed that dang door and interrupted my dream? I almost had that rabbit, too.
Oh, it's youngone, come chargin' in. Boy, he's bristling. I can see his hackles rising.

Think I'll just get out of the way before people start throwing each other around. There, that should be safe, out of the way under this here table.

His kin is trying to soothe him, that's the way. Pet him nice. The pack sticks together, no matter what. Scottman sure smells pretty. Like those flowers I accidentally dug up out back when I was looking for somewhere safe to stash my bone and nicegirl came and yelled at me and I DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT THEM FLOWERS, I JUST WANTED…

Whoa! What was that clatter? Scared me some, throwing those hard things on the big table. Youngone's making a lot of noise, challenging them all.

Now they're growling at each other again, and that man's challenging youngone.
Ah, like you'll ever be half the cub he is. No use snarling at him, man. It isn't hard to see who'll back down this time, and it ain't my youngone, fer sure. Oh yeah, now what did I say, the little man has backed off. Go youngone!

Youngone's talking to the one who smells, smells of fear. Fear and gunpowder. Can youngone sense it? Heck, I can feel it and I'm under the table. Youngone's pretty smart about such things. Usually.

Yup, he's got a hold of scaredy and is barking at him. If scaredy knows what's good for him he'll fess up, before things get ugly.

Hey now, that was a low blow! Youngone didn't see it comin'! I guess scaredy has some bite to him after all. Look out, youngone's hit the wall! Uh-oh, he's coming back, chargin' like the old bull in the corral… But Packleader and scottman are holding him off, pushing youngone back, way outside. Move it, humans, I can't see the action! Youngone's fighting back, biting them, growling, go go bark at them, I'll help!

Oh no, Packleader has him against the wall. Youngone's still riled, fighting back. Not a good idea against Packleader, boy. Can't win that one. There, he's backing off now, going away, still snarling a bit. On his horse, my friend they call Barranca because they don't know his wild name.

Wonder when youngone'll challenge Packleader and win the fight. Bound to happen one day. Hope I'm here to see that one. Could be a doozy.

Well, might as well mosey off to the food room and see if I can cadge something to eat. Maybe if I whine and limp a bit I can get nicegirl to feed me some of that good chow she saves for the pack. Gets them every time.



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