Hola Val
by  Clementine


 Hola Val

You see I am doing what you asked me to do.  For once you will say.

Pancho has a lame leg, having picked up a bad stone bruise.  We put a powltice on it and Murdoch said he will be fine in a week.  I wish Sera was here.

Murdoch said the price of beef has fallen so he is real techy.

Scott is sparkin a part time girl so he is techy as well.

On account of Murdoch being techy, I am white washing the whole damn gaurd house.

Val                                        I thank you for the bracelet

                                             and for many other things.

I hope Jims hard head is in one peice now.

That is 9 sentences so I should get 9 sentences back?

 Saludos  (regards / respect)

John Lancer


The End

February, 2014





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