Who's Going?

By Cindy Carrier 

(200 word drabble)

In the ep Juniper’s Camp, we’re ever sure how ML convinces his sons to go after Melissa Harper, but after he downs his drink the next scene is that of JL and SL riding presumably into mining country!  But what if…

With thanks to Sharon for her script.


“Murdoch, we’re not going,” Johnny announced.  Beside him Scott straightened in silent support.

Murdoch downed his drink and stared.

“That’s it then?” he demanded.  “You’re not going?”

“Nope,” Johnny said.

“Your friend, your problem,” Scott added.

“Fine then.” Murdoch moved.

“Wait – where are you going?” Johnny asked.

“After the girl – someone has to.”

“Send someone else,” Scott suggested, his voice worried.  “That’s rough country.”

“I’ve been in rougher.”

“Murdoch, maybe--”

The old man turned to them.  “Are you saying I can’t handle it?”

“Well, no,” Johnny flushed.  “But…”

“But nothing.  You’re in charge.  Jim!” Murdoch called up the stairs.  “A word with you…”

Johnny tuned to his brother. “That wasn’t so hard.”

Scott grinned.  “Nope, not at all – told you.”

“Well, now what?”

Scott’s smile widened.  “Well, I’m gonna go out and find me a nice Chinese restaurant.  Care to join?  Have a little wonton soup…”

Johnny chuckled  “And a little egg roll…”

Scott laughed.  “A little chicken with mushroom…”

Johnny playfully swatted him.  “Egg foo young.  A couple of dates and a musical show – what do you say, Brother?”

“I say the last one to the bath house has to pay!” Scott declared and darted for the kitchen.



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